Multiple Boards by Neurotic
Multiple Boards by Neurotic
youre no good for
me i dont need
nobody dont need
no one thats no
good for me
my dad told me
hed let me dye
my hair blue if
i let him go to
a rave with me.
i laughed.
of course,
my hair is
still black
sounds of
eye r00l.
to all the
people out
there who
agree with
that fact.
you know contibum
suqz when i can get
5th place one month
proving yet again that a large ego can be an aphrodisiac
portugals demos, ansis
coolest demo coding, mags
oriented bbs! and other
art shit!
++351-01-PRIVATE 24h v32b DX2/66LB 500MB CD TAPES
SysNav: AssKicker KohPilot: Mad Zombie
nuke whq . union phq . nostalgia phq . emf phq . VLA phq . Asphyxia phq
Liquid Dreams . 314SOMETHING Syz: Impact . Coz: Quisling Cyberdemon
yes folks, its neurotic once again proving that he is the
worlds LAZIEST ass with perhaps the first multiple boards
ansi ever. hopefully the last too. :. its not to bad tho
cuz one boards in the states and the other is in portugal
so i doubt theyll have any of the same users. When using
this ansi, feel free to cut along the dotted line and take
the other shmucks font out of the ansi, so it dont look lame
dis here anzi was by neurotic of union with fonts ripped from boa cuz im lame