Jello Insanity by Nailz
Jello Insanity by Nailz
This ansi is dedicated to Bigboy, Tribal Fish, Black Ire and Elminster for bein
gthe best and most supportive fans of Union .. Thanks guys!
This ansi is really dedicated to all the actual LOYAL Union members.
Andy, Ali, Alex, Alan, Mike, Jesse, Andre, Josh, Craig, Kevin, Frank, Malik,
Rory, Xavier, Brain, Brett, Jay, Joe, Dave, Randy, Phil, Jeff, Fil, Bill, Grady
,Dan, Tony, Regis and Kathy Lee, Trevor, Anchor, 550-Pound-Lard-Of-Shit, Steve,
Eric, Jamie.. And all the rest of the loyal dudes I forgot...
708-420-0587 . 1.1 gigs of un
ratiod, 100 free art and sound
numb whq . union central headquarters . psycho
sis member board
ambient magazine support . sabotage site .
hi distribution
union net . quantum net . cip net
. more to come
soon to have 9 count em nine nodes at 14
.4k bps . featuring
online chat . one of the coolest assed software setups