Drink or Die by K-Spiff
Drink or Die by K-Spiff
In his spare time, Jason practices voyeurism. Bootleg tapes available for a
limited time in this special offer only...
d r i n k o r d i e Call now! 1-800-WAR-EZ4U! Supplies are limited! Prices are non-negotiable
----------------------------------------g - R - 3 - 3 - t - Z - 0 - r Y - 0 - u !md: Susie is k00l, but she isnt getting hit by a snowball.. try an ansimation!!wondermonkey: Gimme a loader and Ill join Humor Net, mofo : j/k
Skitzo: Am I gonna greet yer lame ass?! I THINK NOT! Uh.. waitaminnit..
J-Jamez: Add in your member list an shit later.. this ones going in the pack!
Retal: Am I really out of DoD???
EvilOne: Hey, look, I greeted you! Why? Extra space to fill!@
kts!ascii guys: Uh.. am I in your group or not? I dont even know! :b
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  • title
  • Drink or Die
  • author
  • K-Spiff
  • group
  • Union
  • date
  • 1994-11-02
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  • ansi
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  • width: 80
    height: 25
    icecolors: no
    letter spacing: not specified
    legacy aspect: not specified

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