09/95 Information File by Union Staff
09/95 Information File by Union Staff
Before All
As I begin writing the info file for the Sept
ember Compendium,
I look back with fond memorie
s and the utmost in admiration at the
crew that has assembled under the U
nion name.
A group of truly u
nique and wonderful individuals, Union in the
last couple of months
has been a true wonder to witness. From the
brinks of death, we ran out of th
e pasture with our k0w, and b
rought back life and intensity to a group that had fal
tered under skittish leadershi
p and group-hoppers.
After Neurotic left the group in 02/95, Un
ion was not the same.
The group failed, man
y people left, and a downward spiral became
the flight plans fo
r the group. It hit rock bottom in 05/95 when
Nivenh released a pack that was
not much to view. 06/95s attempt
at revitalizing with a mag turned sour, and in 07
/95 the call was made to
kill the group snicker snicker.
The 08/95 pack was amazi
ng, and it proved to people that we were
not only un-dead bu
t we were also back in the race for the 1 spot.
It was a truly beautiful pack, wi
th great pieces by members old and
new, a group who bonded quickly as friends, and w
orked well together to bring one
of the months top packs.
Sadly, and with great Pride,
I give you the 09/95 Compendium, a
compilation of one of Unions bes
t months ever, and also our last.
Yes, after nearly two year
s of quality art and hard work, Union
Productions is honestly laying to
rest one of the scenes most
revered names. Dont think this is another k0w projec
t, for the
pack will quickly sho
w you we have nothing to hide. However, due
to conflicting intere
sts and lack of time, the staff and members of
Union have decided that now is no
t the time to struggle and let
it die slowly again.
Honor before all.
I want to stress t
hat this group of members I have worked with
in the last two mon
ths with an exception or two are the finest
members of the art scene, not on
ly because they draw quality art,
but because we were able to be true friends, and
connect on a level outs
ide of colored blocks. The last few months have been
some of my personal best time
s in the scene ever.
To explain this su
ddenly strange move earlier this month,
Neurosis, our seemingly loyal friend decided
that acid was not his home, an
d then it was, and then it wasnt, and then it was.
We are obviously dismayed by hi
s choice, and hence, he left Union in
pursuit of some greater eliteness and reco
Later this month, Somms of Legen
d left town for a week, and
Deeply Disturbed surprise! tried merging Legend
into acid. At
this point, Neurotic was so angered by
this consideration, that he
packed his bags and rejoined Union! The m
ove was practically jizzed over
as Neurotic has been one of our longest scene friends
After asking Neuro
tic to make SURE this was what he wanted to
do, he messaged me...
*ncunion* f
uck it, its what I want to do. Ive got my Fuck Th
e Scene flag up high and wav
This was highly un
expected, especially after he submitted his
recompiled ansis f
rom Legend and iCE. That ansi 400+k was
submitted and is included in the pack.
Welcome to Union, nice havi
ng you in Union, good-bye.
As the end of the month appro
ached and I looked back upon what
had transpired and the incredible amount of time I spe
nt keeping
things together, I su
ddenly realized why it was losing its fun.
I needed a break. With college swiftly
coming again, and the necess
ity of getting a 3.5gpa, along with partying, girls,
and attempting to run a WWW
Company, I realized that I needed time off.
Since the conception of ALiVE nearly 3
years ago, Ive done nothing
but coordinate, and now is my time to take a break.
We wanted Union to continue running, how
ever Abomination
now known as Lemonade was n
ot interested in taking things over,
and Kid Krylon was losing interest
as well. We decided not to
place an excessive burden upon a member, and instead h
release an incredible
pack as our way of going out with a BANG,
instead of a fizzle.
t is unfortunate and sad, that being in a same group
with this incredible team of
guys has come to end, no one expected it so soon.
The months events with Neurosis
and Neurotic made us step back,
and view things with some perspective and practicality
Greets to the whole Union crew, eac
h and every name on the memb
erlist and any we may have left off. : has my utmos
t in appreciation and gratitu
de for the hard work and friendship that
they have put into the post-k0w Union.
While we lay the name to rest now, don
t count us out forever.
as Kaneda Terminally
Nothing and I were discussing, the possibility
of Union returning in the future
is very probable. We arent
breaking up due to a fight, nor to a lack of artists,
etc. That wicked demon Time
has put us on short supply and that is our
reason for this decision.
I would like to ma
ke a few last notes. The second Union
musicdisk, Downbeat, is finished and s
hould be released within a day
of this pack. Nemesis of iCE
thinks so highly of it, that it may
even be an Imphobia Top 5 Disk. It
s 2 1/2 disks, and WELL WORTH
the download, even for a non-trakker like myself. Our
player is
excellently coded and
the whole project gives you that warm fuzzy
feeling. Also, unio
n will continue to stay open for all ex-membs
who wish to keep in touch and sti
ll chat. Because our groups
change doesnt mean our friendship does. Stop b
y and hang out with MrDawso
Also a first and las
t in this pack, is the re-inclusion of music!
Lord Pegasuss DUCKHUNT.S3M was not
put on the disk due to its non-
serious nature. Thats alright, it doesnt
matter that the trax scenes phu
nkiest dude Lord Pegasus remixed Nintendos Duck Hunt
and that it just eminates
eliteness. Wait, actually, it does. So we
included it in the pack to show our grati
tude. Additionally, I apologi
ze to Insidious for not including IN-ONION.EXE, howev
er I have a wicked virus on my
HD, and I dont wish to infect everyone.
This is NOT a k0w proj
ect, but beware, the k0w DOES live forever
and one day down the road, you might find yours
elf face-to-udder.
-Mass Delusion / md
on union on IRC
-massd@union.net / 800.314.888
5 x823 -ftp://bigbird.scu
.edu/pub/html/index.html -coming
soon- http://www.union.net