gROUNd zER0! .. ! by miSfit
gROUNd zER0! .. ! by miSfit
ground zer0
hey sharpy.. put what-
ever th he
ll you want
in here..
m33ps ta ky, btj,
vc, 28,
massd, cash, wd, d
p, mrk,
sir death, b0rys, vill,
ap0c, ck, ld, 3t,
etc.. ansi by misfit..
mT *
unIOn ---load up
aciddraw and cut here..----------------------------
----------------hmm.. im still trying to perfect my
shaded style.. ick. ahwell.. btw, this pic is for sha
rpys ground zer0 *only*. dont fucking rip it for yo
ur lame ass boardor ill send people to your house..
if you want one o these
for your bbs
or whatever, either mail me on sadistic temple or sin, or
rarely find me on irc.. l8a.. - miSfituniOn/mOp/