Falling Fast by Einstein
Falling Fast by Einstein
The following is an EinsteiN ANSi for
UNiON... if you wish to have an EinsteiN
logo, call up FF at 601895-9462 and
ask! Logos are free.. as for an ANSi/RIP
Pay 10 OR U/L 5 Megs of new files to FF
Other bribery has been accepted also. :
einsteins back from the dead! heh
this ansi is derived from the comic
Einstein shouts some greets out to:
: : The old EMPiRE crewSS! call me!
The new UNiON crew
ALiVEyou guys were great
. All my homies in Memphis
: heavy metal warrior Zenith Blitzkrieg! sucksucksuck!!!
Seventh Sonlets box mutherfucker!
by: Masaomi Kanzaki PsychoTranEI had this dream.. :
Eclipse International SySTEM-ZChris? yeah? High Voltage.
VIZ Comics Carolynno comment... ahhhhhhhhh!!!
For you manga fans, this ones Spliceyoure going to pay for this
from 1987... if youve never Darkstarlets check this puppy out
read this one, youre
missing out!
S: EinsteiN UNiON.RUSH 9OO Megabytes Online
C: Seventh Son RUSH Running OBLiViON/2 Software
PsychoTranE ALiVE.RUSH 24OOs by Inviteor begging
Zenith Blitzkrieg SUCK Always looking for more SITES!
UNiON Member BBS/Distribution Site.ALiVE Distribution Site
RUSH World Headquarters.Vx-Virii Research Site.Virus Doors
ATOMiC Distribution.CryptoNet H/P/V/A World Headquarters
CiA Distribution.HUGE H/P/V Section!.6OOO Documented Virii
BGR Distribution.The Criminals Handbook World Headquarters
SUCK Magazine Distribution.No Locals.No Wares.No Ratios/LD
ANSi/Logo by EinsteiN UNiON 94!
Remember this. Never turn your back on someone you trust.