Rival's Decision to End it by Kid Krylon
Rival's Decision to End it by Kid Krylon
Werd em up... Kid Krylon here comin atcha from a whole new angle.
Surprise, surprise, eh? Well, uniOns back up in yo hood. You just cant keepa good group down. Anyways, youre probably wondering what the hell I am doing
writing a section in this here info file. Welp, let me explain the situation.
Since the death of Rival last month, a lot of members including myself were leftgroupless. Welp, I cant speak for the other members, but I really wasnt
interested in joining another group. I kinda lost interest in the whole art
scene deal. I didnt see any group that fitted my ideals on how a group should
be ran, and I just didnt see any group that I could truely be comfortable in.
Im sure this is true for many ex-rival members, as I, Stone Amnesia, and Fear
ran Rival somewhat different than most other groups are ran. So we all kinda
felt uncomfortably lost. Well, one day Mass Delusion approached Stone Amnesia
about joining union. After giving him the details of the union comeback and
what not, Stone Amnesia joined. At the time, I wasnt a real big fan of unionslatest packs, so I just kinda laughed at Stone Amnesia for joining. After
being on the phone with Stone Amnesia for about a half an hour talking about
union and him joining em, I kinda had my interest sparked by the prospect of mejoining myself. Eh, so I approached Mass Delusion on IRC about joining the
group. Me and MassD talked, and he told me the plans he and nailz had for
unions comeback. Well, I have to honestly say that I was skeptical at first.
It sounded all good, but I wasnt really sure if me and union would get along.
Well as it came down, I decided to give it a shot. Almost immediately, union
made me feel at home, and I knew this was the group for me. So, both me and
Stone Amnesia approached ex-rival members about joining union, and to our
pleasant surprise, Saint Sinner, Hunchback, Fear, and Turmoil all have decided
to come. So here we all are... Rivals best, now teamed up to produce art
together under the uniOn name. I know it looks like a merger, but none of this
was planned . It just so happened to work out this way. And Im glad it did.Union is a great place to be and Im extremely happy that my friends from Rival
have come as well, making union even stronger. The move from Rival to union
seemed so natural. Regardless what people say, union is proof that a big group
can remain close-knit. Upon first entering the group, I noticed the constant
interaction between seniors and members, as well as between members themselves.
Its like one big family, and Im proud to be a part of it. Anyways, thats the
story behind all of us ex-rival members being in union. Uhm, other than that,
I hope you enjoy the pack. Union had been recieving a lot of bad press before
it died. The group was slipping on quality control and what not, and all
around was going downhill. Well, those days are gone in the past, and this
month we bring you a whole new union. And I aint talkin about the recent floodof new members either. Union brings with its return a whole new attitude and
a whole new way of doing things. So sit back, grab a coke and a cigarette, and
prepare yourself for an adventure through our world.
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