Union Productions 08/95 Newsletter by Union Staff
Union Productions 08/95 Newsletter by Union Staff
You cant
keep a good thing down.
Yes, it is true. That font above sprouts the
same familiar 5
letters that 28 has gracious
ly pounded out month after month
after month. It says those same 5 letters
that you have loved, hated
, loved, hated, and then witnessed die.
Or did they?
Of course
not! Anyone who thinks that we would call it quits
after a year and a half of hard,
honest work from the ground up is silly!
Quitting? Nah man, we havent even though
t about it, only the opposit
e! Complete revival, reunion if you will pardon the
a complete rebirth of
talent, friendship, fun, and domination.
Who ar
e we? We are Union. That is all that matters. What
we do, we do for ourselves, and
for our friends, and that is how we run.
Some of us are new, some of us are old
, some are both and some are
inbetween, but the fact remains, that we have joined i
n common pursuit of a goal so
sweet being a team.
Whether you remember us as Union of 613, Union with
Neurotic the wannabe-a-vga
artist, Union of b0rg as some so fondly knighted us
, or any other title, we are what
we were, only stronger, closer,
and a lot more witty. :
Unparalleled in o
ur ability for gayness, we did what no other group
would ever consider, letal
one carry out, we faked our own deathfo0d.
Yeah, call us Captain Shakesp
eare, call us stupid, call us zany,
it doesnt matter, because we laug
h constantly, at you, your
groups, ourselves, and each other. We dont get fazed
because there
are only successes to
be created from failure, and only fun to be had
the whole way along.
s, you will once again have to put up with our up-fro
nt attitudes, our inside jokes, ou
r sEKRIT kOUNZILs, our k-rad plans to takeover
the world! oh m0o! That was fo
r next month!
If M.C. Hammer was
still hip, wed have to put in a .voc of a remix
called Union Time.
Would that be too egotistical? Maybe, but then
you look at our 1.7 megs of unzi
pped art, and say oh my god! thats
the funky shit!. Hannibal Lecter has a big jpeg
Union business! On approximately July 15
th, Operation k0w will compl
ete its final stages of execution, and prove to the
international art sce
ne that once again we will be a pain in the ass.
Through our secret execution of t
his highly confidential plan out-
-lined in Operationk0w.txt, NOT operatio.txt, which in
cidently has nothing to do wi
th felatio. we will have proven to ourselves that
we could do it, we could make it
once again what we had to begin with.
And so fell
ow artists, musicians, couriers, sysops, internet fre
aks, coders, and observers,
I present to you, Union 08/95!
Alright! To the nitty gritty, we have e
xpanded like CRAZY, pulling clout
from all corners of the scene. It seems our fake de
ath has
created a huge wave o
f chaos in the scene, resulting somewhat in
leading to Shivers d
eath, Spastics transfer of power, and ESPECIALLY
to the creation of Twilight-Vers
us-Legend but not the warez group
legend of course.. Yeah, we didnt exactl
y expect it, but Operation
k0w started alot of the silliness weve seen in the
last month. But without furt
her adue, let me introduce to you those
members who we call brothers.
Starting out with Nailz, the foun
der and creator of our beloved
Union, he spends his time rollerblading with a laptop
in hand as to never miss a draw
ing oportunity. Nailz, we all fear you.
Moving down th
e staff we come to .. me. : I would like to call
myself the total mastermind of O
peration k0w, but I must give
respect to my fellow
Admiral of the Union Navy - 28. Yes, 28s
k0w in the pasture has inspired o
ur team to new heights! Nothing
like milk from the tap!
Of course we cannot forget our
loyal and best friends who have
been by our side through both thick and thin, unl
ike some people
coughdiscocough. These guys are truly cool, wed k
eep them around regardle
ss of whether or not they drew, because they make
the days fly by, and the long
nights on IRC end too quickly.
We greet Black Lig
htning, Blenderhed, Dive, Galahad, GodSpeed,
Kool, Krypton, K-Spif
f, Midunnohowtospellhishandlep, Neurosis,
Point Blank, Spell Bi
nder, Stone Chapelsole assassin, The Beholder,
and of course, Twitch!
t Union isnt complete. We searched out the kind of
guys who we would want to tal
k to and hang out with, and then made sure
they werent thedraw-handicapped, and w
e found our new friends :
Devine Stylers joins
the k0w from Spastic with his hilarious toons
and sTYLIN antics.
Greater Evil is one of the many RELiC guys we
found floating the net, and his
coding is only surpassed by his
elite ethernet connection to the net. Hunchback, GEs
RELiC brother was found i
n Rival and was receptive to the heavy m0oing he hear
d on his fone. Kid Krylon, i
nventor of KY Jelly, decided along with
Stone Amnesiamerlin and St. Sinner, that
Rival had been fun, but
that is was time to m
ove on. As Krylon reports, it was a natural
move to join a group of close kni
t guys like Union. Rival was a
nearly 100 area code 909 group except that silly guy
ss. : and they have found U
nion to be a mere extention in their tight circle
of friends. Along with Rival we
have found Fear and Turmoils
natural ability to do 60k bins and be cool, all withou
t breaking a sweat!. Magnus
from ex-TRiBE and iCE, was found doodling under
the direct command of Qur
an, but with no home. Bad Mascot! :
I had to set Magnus Motel 6
empire straight, and get him onto our
team, all thats left is a vmb, wh
ats a vmb?
We moved to logo co
llies now, but 28s stuff wasnt in one. That
would have meant load
ing up aciddraw at 2:00am again. Sorry, deal.
ding their way into the Union k0w Patty, was long tim
e scene member and protagonis
t, HOOPTiE. He is currently coding an ansi
editor titled ARTWORX, which is curren
tly at .70beta. The editor i
ncludes intuitive key placement, vga styled commands f
or drawing,
and a host of other g
reat features. We are proud to sponsor it as
our official drawin
g program. Just a note, at first it seems lame
because all of the keys are chan
ged around, dont worry, if you
get used to it, the editor makes a LOT of s
ense and is easy to use!
Off a tip by Lieutenant HOOPTi
E we picked up a vga artist named
Dataless. Information beyond this is classified
at this time. VGA
news NOT classifed ho
wever, is that Quisling and Formic Acid return
home this month and
bring with them some nice artwork. Quisling has
moved towards real world photogr
aphy edited on a computer, whereas
Formic still draws the hottie chicks. :
Our 714 AC is always a pain in the ass to get ahold
of. Those guys have more of a li
fe than the rest of us put together! Welcoming them
back again is an honor, and we gr
eet Kool, Stone Chapel AKA Sole
Assassin, and Streake
r. All three are excellent artists and great
guys to talk to. Just never, nev
er, EVER go over to Kools house.
Guarenteed you pee your pants, ask Stone Chapel! muaha
Back this month is Sharp Edge from Motion staff, he
returns with his euro humor an
d his insane cartoons! Point Blank looks like he
is home again, thankfully. We j
ust need to talk to the guy once in
awhile to make sure he didnt get swallowed by the ear
th. : Also
home amazingly was Gala
had, who made it back in one piece from
Camp WallawallawallaWashington, still with the forefin
gers to draw silly
. In addition, Replay should be with us still, but h
is fone line was disconnected,
so who knows what got him, eh? :
As the uni-0795.zip info
file stated, our musicdisk is on the slate
for release within the next week. Populus i
s the coordinating
musician, and from what
Ive heard in sample, this disk will be
worth the two disk download! If nothing else
, you have Lord P
egabagles BOWLING FOR FISH tune. What more could you
want out of a musicdisk? Im t
aping it for my car stereo, word. Other members
of our music are Ded Silence hey!
the OTHER local scene guy! yes!,
and Future Assassin anyone awake in there?,
word to them all.
Before I misplace this list, Forego joins
with his mad ansi
skills and amazingly re
liabe telecom skills uhh.. yeah. :. Fear
him, for he lives for fear. I heard he d
oes ansis if youll just fear
him alot. :
I want to mention Psyber Rape, who didnt make an ap
pearance in pack, but is still
an outstanding guy and a greatly improving artist
by leaps and bounds, an
d who we are glad to consider part of our
Unfortunately, Black Lightning and Lord Jazzs dual
ansi still has integrity plaster
ed all over it, but as you can see BL is back
with us as the official Unio
n Storm Trooper. Why a storm trooper?
I guess he just doesnt like Naval Rank. :
Running a close seco
nd is Hunchback, who wants to be boba fett.
In addition -
regarding member boards. We are REALLY sorry
because we KNOW everyon
e didnt get listed. We are working to have
a GOOD SOLID list of our members bo
ards, and will hopefully have a
near complete version by the time the next pack swings
around on the 1st of Sept
ember. Yes, we are not releasing in 15 days, we
are waiting a month and a half, de
ably the most awaited news in the Union circle curren
tly is the new staff appointment
s. We purposely went after young artists
who have the coordination knack so that Union
s staff will be strong for
months to come. However we have not decided wholly o
n the placement yet. The staff
is still incomplete as Nailz and myself
have not had the opportunity to
fully look over each person.
However, based on merit throughou
t the duration of Operation k0w
, we are hereby promoting former Rival senior Kid Kry
lon to a coordinator. He
spends even more time than I do on IRC, and hes
a cool guy to boot, two qualities
that can make any guy amiable.
I looked to Stone Amnesia as we
ll, however he works more, and isnt
around the kind of hours that KY is, not
hing personal, a little matter
of time is all.
I would like to say that Terminally Nothing and Shad
ow Hawk are still with us,
and continue to be important members on the Union
team. They have been moved to a n
ew division called public
relations which means they hel
p out and tell me what to do, but
dont take up so much damn room on the coordinators l
ist with their huge friggin handle
s. : Props to these guys, who have been
instrumental, as well as providing abom and I w
ith anime gifs. :
We would like to thank 28, Peak Veloci
ty, and 28 for being
simply wonderful members of a t
otally powerless advice council
which served us well in our time of need. :
Please note that we have a co
uple info files. We just couldnt
do it all with one. Well I suppose we could.
But I would have had to reform
at all of the text in the operationk0w.txt file and t
would be far too tedious of a t
ask at this point. Suffer.
I think I have just about cov
ered it all, from head to toe, and
the end point is blunt and simple....
-Mass Delusion / Union
Senior -massd@voyager.el
-md on irc in union
-find Union on any board in the list
please read the in
cluded rivalnfo.txt in our zip - re: rival prod.