Line of Fire by Stone Angel
Line of Fire by Stone Angel
Stone Angel UNiON Presents: A C1994 UNiON Production for a Trade With AcidFlash for: Line of Fire Duplication of this ansi is prohibited. Greets To - Neurotic: I will get PrimeNet working someday... maybe... Nailz: Youre never home... Praying Mantis: BLUR - What can I say.. Hound: Your ansis coming, and could you un-blacklist me from your brd? AcidFlash: Youre a cooly elite guy now that youve got an ansi from me.. Black Wraith: GarryNet will soon prevail and become massive..
A c i d F l a s h s L i n e O f F i r e
SysOps: AcidFlash Imperial/Blur, Ptarmigan Knight Shiver/Glory
CoSysOps: The Judge Blur, RockHopper
Affils: Imperial Member Board, ABi Member Board, TiME Canadian HQ,
PoW Distro, LSD Distro, BLUR Member Board,
Rave Distro, War Distro, Velocity Couriers Member Board
GripNet Node, iMC Net, PrimeNet, GarryNet, QuakeNet, SpamNet, StormWatch Net.
EscapeNet Node, NokNet Canadian Hub
Other: Renegade Newest Version - Highly Configured
No Ratio for LD - Locals by Invite Only - No Lamers
A 1994 100 Freehand Ansi by Stone Angel of Union