Jello Insanity by Neurotic
Jello Insanity by Neurotic
aN HeReS aNoTHeR aNSi BY THaT NeuRoTiC GuY! He iS uNSToPPaBLe! He DoNT D
o NoN TRaDe aNSiS aNY MoRe! iSNT THaT CooL? DoNT iT MaKe YFeeL aLL FuNNY
aND eXCiTeD? BoY! THe BaD GuY iS MaKo FRoM MaXX 6! MaYBe HeS MR. DaWSoN
Even though its sometimes a pain in the ass, I like having a detachable penis.
-- SysOp: 28 -- Numb HQ -- Union Member Board -- 708-420-0587
-- Most reconfigured Renegade setup known to man -- Truly remarkable -pv
ANSI ENDS UP THERE! USELESS GREETS BEGIN HERE! Oh well, I managed to refrain from cluttering up most of my ansis this month
with the usual useless greets and bullshit no hidden text even!, so I dec-
ided to go all out here. For all reviewing purposes, or using this ansi as a
bbs ad, please remove or ignore all this greet shit. Sorry 28 use pvs acc
Greets to the locals: Hound-You ever gonna go to a rave? / Future Assassin-M
Nailz-Can I be Mr. Sinisters best friend too? / Stone Angel-koffBlur3koff
Immortal Shadow-Time to code fool / Polarized Infusion-Vacation is no excuse
Terminal Entry-Didnt see you there / Armored Saint-24 hours, as if BioCide-
Hi James / Splint-Keep working, youre getting there / Henchman-UHN! / Blood
Lust Evil One-I love yous / The Judge-It just wont shut up / Satanic
Goldfish-Havent talked to you since that gig / Night Hawk-People dont
believe you when you use me as a ref? / PennyWise-You ever home / AcidFlash-
Thanks for the nick AFro / Why is my entire area code on irc! WHAAAAH!
Greets to the other fools: Jello-Thanks for the compliments / Syntax Error-
Thanks for the compliments / Pnakotik-I like that skull too / Flood-Great
names think alike / Lord Pegasus-We almost had him / Mr. Sinister-Argh! Not
another Union article! / Phazer-X-Argh! Not another Union article / Shinobi-
I like your stuff / Sludge-Um, dont make a voc out of those answering
machine tapes / Desolate Death-BotBotBotBotBot / Abomination-*I* thought I
was being fair / Mass Delusions-Mistah Dawson is in tha houz / StarDust-Will
you be my 1-800-ICE-SUCK / TafkaSK-Hound is mine / Basshead-Greet me in that game / Lord Scarlet-Take my advice / Wintah Rose-Hmmm.. interesting tattoos,
big family / Corwin-Ten Four / Lord Sloth-wEED aT fLOYD / Marshmellow Moron- bYE bYE dUMB aSS / Shaggy-Those werent Froggys hands! / RaD Man-Its a virus to take down all the computers in the world, I just know it / Kool- Please dont shoot me / Sole Assassin-Blanks dont hurt.. really / Lord Jazz-Cool, someone else in the world plays Stronghold / Napalm-Get on irc fool / K-Spiff-Dont ask me why, we just dont do ascii / Maestro-ProcLame? Aphex Twin-I agree / Deeply Disturbed-Need any more Fibre slogans? / Shadow Hawk-Black looks good on you / Night Crawler-You too, Danger Base i, its 3l33t3 / Leviathan-Renaissance?, but were much better / Peak Velocity-wERD dAVE / Morbid Angel-Keep drawing / Psycho Fiend-Get a modem! / Tinyz-I
agree, racism sucks / Prime Evil-Those moronic att operators, cant even give me control of the conference / Taz-Wanna be a senior? Send me your wife
Satans Jester-I think you were the only one who liked NC-TE1.ANS :
Fizban-Joe is beside you in the hotel room? HmmmmmMMMMMMM... / Pinion-Siphon
made me orgasm, love that new techno / Somms-Ummm, hi / Eclipse-Whatsup with
Cancer / Reefer-RM? / Bishop-Remember to put N. A. M. in the site listings
Einstien-Having fun being in three groups / Village Idiot-I really have to
call you / Flourescent Darkness-I really have to call you / Hros - Um, you
too / Guy rapping on my answering machine-Was that you Marq / Guy with the
wierd accent on my answering machine-Im not quite as pathetic as you
Dark Deception-Cool way of submitting work / Quran-Sure you have a girl
friend, darling : / Valgamon-Whats this about a vmb and me? / You-Still
reading, what? You thought Id mention YOUR name? As if! / SubZeroX-
I stopped playing when it went down / Trouble-N-Lace-Long time no talk
God Speed-They cant correctly transfer control to you either / Me-I cant
believe Im working for the cops now... if only they knew who they put in
control of keeping hackers out / The Guardian - ME!? Rag on YOU! NEVER!
-. Khyron-You ducked on PURPOSE, MAUVE-BOY! Now Im gonna do you SLOW! .-