Evolution's End by KooL
Evolution's End by KooL
KooL from UNiON ANSi Productions
E v o l u t i o n s E n d
919 929 7920
Acid Member Board Corruption WORLD Headquarters Terminator2 FC WHQ
Nation Member Board Union Member Board
Eternal Lie Terminator 2 Aphex Twin
Lord Jazz - Lets take a ride..
Somms - I thought of it FIRST!
Eternal Lie - Switch to C..
Beastie - Europe kooL?
Mystica S - Whazzup Girl?
Nailz - eh!
Neurotic - eh!
Hound - eh!
Canadians - eh!
All UNiON Members..
All ANSi Artists..
If you like this ansi call
my board Exiled Race,
714.527.0327 and have some
affils, money, or trades ready
for me .. But I only draw
bitches.. -KOOL UNION