The Erebus by Neurotic
The Erebus by Neurotic
Neurotic the Brain Pilot of
Neurotic the Brain Pilot of
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ein Pilot Wowsers
. Looks like the sig is bigger this n
inilo month, eh?
Anyways. I put Programmed Illusion Un
n Pil down for good, so if you
want to Un N
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quest/trade ansis with me, contact me on
f U Nr
the Brain P Flatlined Reality, 613
-224-8279, the Union of Un
the Brain
World Head Quarters. Also one of the best
of on
the Brain boards to contact Nailz
, Hound, Stone Angel, t of ion
tic the Brai
and many other Union members at. Alternately,
ot ofnion urotic the Bra
I can be reached on ansi.
lot of Union Neurotic the Br
ilot of Union Neurotic the B Remember folks, only
one ansi per area code
unless cash/trade is involv
Shouts out to:
We can do a Monty Python theme
Krazi Karma
Mestipholeses: ?
SubZeroX/MAD: Happy mudding
Future Assassin: Ther
e goes our lives
th Hound: Yes! PR greets a
t 6am! ::grin::
Nailz: You do the teeth next time
This lil ansi here is a picture of Spawn, wit
hout his mask and his cape,
from issue 13 of Spawn the only issue I own.
Its from the top pannel
of the page across from that MOO Crew ad thingy.
I just had to go and buy
an issue that has NO good pictures of him with h
is cape and mask. ::sigh::
8 413-589-0248 413-589-0248 4
13-589-0248 413-589-0248 413-589-0248
I had been in all the levels of the Tower of Hell, except for one,
the 7th..
8 413-589-0248 413-589-0248 4
13-589-0248 413-589-0248 413-589-0248
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Realy Member Board
Eclipsy Distribution Site SchitsyNet WHQ Nuky Ne
t UnyNet
Probably a lot more stats since this request is from over a month ag
This ansi is 100 by Neurotic of Union
Have you seen your brain? Has anyone else? Then how do you know you hav
e one?