Programmed Illusion by Sole Assassin
Programmed Illusion by Sole Assassin
S-PI.ANS - Programmed Illusion
If you would like to purchase an ans
from me, i can be reached in the 7i4
area code. Or directly on Channel Zer
Terra Firma, Or on Stormwatch Net.
Sole /ssassin and UNiON bring you an ansi for Neuro
tic of Programmed Illusion
Programmed Illusion - 6
SysOp: Neurotic Union Senior
- Bad Courier
CoSysOp: Future Assassin Uni
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Sole /ssassin UNiON
Note : Ya ok i know, the guys head is to big, so what! Ill ge
t em next
time. Ohh ya, and if you wana purchase an ansi from me, and you ca
nt get into
the 714 area code, or on Channel Zero or Terra Firma. And if your
a supreme
loser and cant even get on Stormwatch net, just contact one of th
Senior. Lates
Greets are gona be goin out ta:
Neurotic : WOW! I got in a suitable Programmed Illusion Font!
RaD MaN : Hmm.. Penny in my taco eh? g.
Somms : Look JERKY, I dont NEED to talk to YOU!
Ear : uhh.... ummm.... Cant think of anything to say.
Lord Jazz : Rip? What Rip?
Kool : Blah, cant wait to see that chicks pussy!! g
This here ansi was ripped off the cover of a WildC.A.T.S Comic,
1 i think,
and is copyrighted by iMAGE comics and Jim Lee - My fucking idol!
Sole /ssassin
Life Sucks, Ansi Rocks