Rage Phosphorus by Primordial Chowder
Rage Phosphorus by Primordial Chowder
PC-RAGE1.ANS - Rage Phosphorus
primordial chowder of U
nion Art presents yet
annuder ansi, PC-RAGE1.ANS, for Brain Dead of
Rage Pho
sphorus. If you want a free pc ansi of
your own to love and cherish an
d breast feed,
contact me on the SoundGarden, 914.462.4O19, or
Rage Phospho
rus 914, which will be up soon.
Outcast from society, the life t
hat I prized, noone walks with me, Ive been o
stracized. I stalk through the sewers, a torch in my hand,
this is my kingdom, this is my land. Under a grate,
the light strikes my skin, I flee from its
poison, I just cannot win. This game of existance, so hard do
I strive, Ill
never grow wealthy, just barely survive. The cloak of night f
alls, the moons
born anew, my goal is now clear, I know what to do. Pull mysel
f to the surface
and breathe the fresh air, you all stare right at me but Ill
never care. For
now I am free, to roam through the night, Ill creep throug
h your homes,
avoiding the light. Stand inches away, youll never suspect,
that theres any
danger, no need to protect. Your life from my claws, your sou
l from my mind,
those that see me rush by try to leave me behind. But Im a
lways here, a
scourge on your land, Ill always torment you, I must take m
y stand. Until
light returns, and the sun fills the sky, I return to my home
and there will
I lie. Wait for tomorrow, and return to my fight, rejoice in
the day fools.
for I own the night. - Ronin
r a g e p h o s p h o
r u s
A really phat phunky phresh phosphorus board coming soon to a compu
ter near you.
Thanks to Ronin iCE for the neat poem, Rage, and Dark Deception
Union for
the cool fonts which I DID find an ansi for!.
This here ansi was drawn somewhat regretfully by primordial chowd
er and released in a previous Empire pack unfinished.
Heres the finished product, crappy as it is.
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  • title
  • Rage Phosphorus
  • author
  • Primordial Chowder
  • group
  • UNiON
  • date
  • 1994-05-01
  • comments
  • datatype
  • character
  • filetype
  • ansi
  • filetype info
  • width: 80
    height: 25
    icecolors: no
    letter spacing: not specified
    legacy aspect: not specified

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