Primordial Soup by Neurotic
Primordial Soup by Neurotic
This ansi is by Neurotic of Union. If youd
like an ansi by me, contact me on my board,
Programmed Illusion, 613-824-7375
This ansi was made for Psycho Fiend of U
as a trade for PF-PI1.ANS
Auntie Greets: Toners. You guys are lame as
hell, especially whoever was linking the
ATT and Sprint conferences.
NC-PS1.ANS 156 Lines
Hellstrike / StormWatch One i
s a Copywrong of someone other than me
Primordial Soup 6i6657-542i
SysOp: Psycho Fiend Union/Enigma CoSysOp: Phix Enigma
1 Gig Hard Drive Lots of Room
Lots of Files for Everybody
Running Oblivion 2.2018
Nup: Spam!
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