Dimension-X by Hound
Dimension-X by Hound
SPAWN C Todd McFarlane Digitized by Hound UNiON
Dimension - X
Sysop: Ash Lapse Art/Pursuit CC/Insomnia SS
CoSysop: Argon Lapse Art/Psychosis
CoSysop: Liquidator Lapse C/Pursuit C
Lapse Western HQ/Insomnia Dist/Pursuit Dist
Slime Network/Neurosis Network
I would like to personally greet Neurotic, Nailz, Stone Angel, Misery Man, and
everyone else for your support. Im glad I decided not to leave, and Im even
more glad you guys were there to help me make it. I really appreciate it. I
hope Im putting out some good artwork to make it all worth your while.
- UNiON -