The Country Store by Union Group Prod.
The Country Store by Union Group Prod.
another lame nite on irc
WintaRose t2: youre sick.
t2acid wr: sure... jew know you like it
* WintaRose slaps t2
t2acid wr: wooo...
t2acid wr: see... told jew you liked it rough
* Neurotic looks at wr and pulls out the whip
WintaRose ffej got out the handcuffs +
WintaRose :
Neurotic winta: but did he use them?
WintaRose he wont let me handcuff him just cause I dont have the
Neurotic wr: force him
WintaRose help
MistaWho WintaRose : Tell him a soldering Irong is exciting... Then h
e will
let you do it
WintaRose i want keys first
MistaWho Iron even
WintaRose or a saftey pin
WintaRose damn it!
MistaWho WintaRose : Get some trunk keys, and tell him that they are t
keys to the cuffs.
*** WintaRose is now known as ffej
ffej i like handcuffs, but id like to get out eventualy,
ffej no keys, no safety pin, no paperclip, no handcuffs. :
ffej he still wont let me handcuff him!
*** ffej is now known as WintaRose
* WintaRose has ffej in hand cuffs!
Neurotic wr: get a camera!
WintaRose help me
WintaRose neurotic: I wish I had one..:
Neurotic wr: um. draw an ansi of him chained up then.
with you riding him.
WintaRose you guys suck. hmmmmmm
Neurotic hell, ill do it.
WintaRose neurotic: I aint gonna ride him.
WintaRose yes she is
WintaRose she s tooo shy to admit, it relly
The Cun
try Store
fast women and fast art!
head madam - winter rose
its just some hot... uhh.. art.
oft beta test site
another ereet union group production brought to you by
neurotic, mass delusion and terminator2 of union