Information File by Neurotic
Information File by Neurotic
Just a reminder to all the groups out there that have yet to rip our
gray font w/ blue trim nfo file, hurry up! Jump on the bandwagon!
Werd. One year.
Wow, Ive actually been in a group for an entire year. Im in a group that has lasted for an entire year. When I first started d00dling I never really thought that would happen. But here it is, the Union 1 year aniversary pack, and needless to say, I think weve improved since UNI-0194.ZIP If you havent already looked at this months pack, welp, youre in
for surprises. Like about 50 kabillion new members this month. New to the group this month comes Lord Jazz, Terminator2, P-Chan, The Clone and Smooth from Acid. If you arent familiar with their work then, well, you suck. They rule. Nuff said. Cardiac Arrest hooks up with us from Ice. He hasnt been drawring regularly for a LONG time, so every logo he drawrs is to be treasured. : Its quite easy to get an ansi from him, just throw some lettuce in his
general direction. From Nation this month comes Magnetic M. Hes finally putting down M:TG long enough to draw again :. Hes a bit rusty, but give him some time to get into the flow again, cuz he rules. Yes, he is one if the artists who inspires me :. You may notice Maestro has some work in this months pack, too. He asked me to make something clear to everyone, he is *NOT* in Union. He has not come back to the scene. He just draws every now and then mostly for money and he releases them with us.
He heads our Artist that quit the scene and wants nothing to do with it, nor has the time to do so, but is still a really nice guy division. Why yes, he did come up with the name for it all by himself.
On the international scene, Flick from Exile and D-Vibe from Stile
join Union. Flick hails from the Australian outback and D-Vibe is from Sweden. And who said euros couldnt do anything other than demos! well, okay, fine, flick is an aussie.. but.. same thing Silver Rat from Vor and Eerie from Relic finish off the list of new ansi artist whove joined the group this month. Eerie simply rules and Silver Rat is showing a lot of promise. Eerie with also be coding some
sEkRiT pRojEctZ for us, as well as Graylight and Flounder. Expect to see some of them mid-january/early-febuary. Wewp, joining our vga division this month is Skyhigh, formally of TekLordz, Relic, and Nation. Typhus from Jihad also pops in this month, as does the duo of Dr. Death and Prime Evil. New to the rip division this month is CoolWhip from Fire, Twitch from CiA, and Black Guard from Roc. Check em out. Joining the music
division this month is Neurosis and Beaner. At this point Id like to talk a bit about the music disk. Yeah. Its still not out. It will be. Were just lazy. If youre in dire need of hearing some music from our guys, grab Psychosis 8, they did all the tracks. Id also like to apologize on behalf of the entire group for the songs X-Facter ripped in our first musicdisk. We did not know that at the time, and his ass has soundly been booted. Cavalier from Tribe should also be doing some stuff for us on the
internet front, as does Dr. Death and Orge. For any new members I forgot to mention this month, I sincerly apologize. There were quite a few of you this month. Kick my ass.
IP and Impact were kicked out of the telecom division due to the fact
that, well, we wanted them to do something and they disagreed with the concept of actually working. Unfortunately, with the increase in members the quality that we expect from them has increased too. There are some people who joined Union who just arent putting out the quality of work wed like to see in the pack. Having bad work in the pack brings it down a lot more than
good work does, and it is in the best interest of the group to be hardnosed and remove the weaker members. We hate to be assholes like this, but it needs to be done. Leaving the group this month is Mephitopeles, Necronite, Twisted Mind and Zoro. This isnt something personal, its just on an artistic point of view. If the work improves, you guys are welcome back in. MCA hooks up with Union this month, founding the Ice Member
Division. We figured, hey, we treat him like hes in the group so why not, eh? If you have an internet account send some email to to get on the union mailing lists. We have one dedicated to distributing union releases via uuencoded email as soon as they are released as well as another for messages between group members. Speaking of internet, someone was fucking around with the union95 account so we changed the password. Contact md to get the new pw.
Applying and getting rejected is quite different than had the opportunity to join. Anyways, on to whats new in the group this month. Terminator2
overthrew the rest of this members this month and kicked everyone else
out, then killed the group and restarted it, giving himself the lofty founder position. This happened in about 3 minutes. With the help of some handcuffs, a head of lettuce, a pooltable, wintarose and a bullwhip we managed to convince him to let everyone else in. Due to their valuable persuasion abilities, Cybernary and Cardiac Arrest were given the much coveted coordinator position. This means
they sit around and do stuff for the group. Getting in contact with one of them if you cant reach either Neurotic or Mass Delusion would probably be a good idea. TooN-GooN and I almost have the exact same full name except for one letter. Isnt life weird sometimes? As Basshead was going through last months pack, he noticed the absence of a much needed commodity which every group should have, lit.
After having gone a full year without lit, we figured we should try to amass as many poets and storywriters as we can in order to fill this gaping hole. These lit dudes will be trial members until we full are assured of their ability, we figured it would be a cool idea to put them in a separate group of their own, and just steal them for union once they were good enough. We call it SKiLLiT. Hrm. Maybe not. Anyways, I think Ill finish this months nfo file with a response
to Eeries comment on Union being a machine. I am Union of Borg. You will be assimilated. Er.
But seriously, I think if union was a machine itd be one of those
inventions, by some crazy eccentric dude, that just barely works and is horrible to look at and falls apart every ten minutes. :. Were pretty chaotic and its anybodys guess as to how the fuck we managed to stay around this long. If your wondering why we dont have any neat-o one year recap or anything in this pack, check out BITCH-94.ZIP, released on christmas
94. Anyways, later folks, see you in a month, have a happy new years, hopefully you celebrated it better than just sitting at home on irc and putting the shiver pack together coughtheguardiancoff. Yeah, we did release on the 2nd instead of the 1st. Some of us had hangovers. Thanks to Hound for helping with the quality control this month. coffyouwerenthomeedyoubiznatchlewopcoff