goodbye by c0unt zer0
goodbye by c0unt zer0
zer0 made this ANSi, muthahfuckah.
Rip it and hell kick
your ass so hard, youll
be breathing
through your sphincter.
---------------- This ANSi is de
dicated to the memory of Gary, who was my friend
-------- --------------- GoO
I am saying goodbye to TWiSTED, not to ANSi. I stil
l love ANSi. It is
a great art form because you cant cheat at it. There a
re too many amateurs
out there who think that just because you can use some
piece of shit .GIF-
reflecting tool in AutoDesk Animator Pro or 3D studio,
you are an artist.
With ANSi, the grain is separated from the chaff. If yo
ure good, your art
looks good. If youre bad, your art looks like shit. Yo
u can be the judge of
I am leaving TWiSTED because of personal reasons. I
just dont have
the time to be a really serious artist anymore. Also, I
think I need a change.
So I will apply to some other, larger art groups, to me
et more people, and
get a look at some other artists work.
And in addition, I am saying goodbye to Gary. I wil
l remember him.
Goodbye greetz go out to:
-The TWiSTED conglomerate: Dont say gbye, say so
-Fred Penner.
-The rest of you: I aint finished with you yet.
-And remember: Eat a live frog for breakfast every
morning and
nothing worse will happen to you for the rest
of the day!
C0unt Zer0.