Untitled by Corey
Untitled by Corey
a the unwritten law ansi production 96
Diana, sweetheart, is the dinner ready?No it isnt but lets have sex anyway. This ansi is dedicated to Devian and his honey Diana! Grrr.. Isnt it wrong that cosysops can read private mail?! Mind Leader, Grim and Devian remember that this is BOY mouse, so maybe you could take it with you to play train?!.. Ansi by Corey of TUL
Untitled Sops: Mind Leader, Devian, Corey +358-0-8777208 24h
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8------cut-here!-------8----------------------8----------------------8------original date: 20.02.96. the original header sucked so bad so i dedicated toreplace it. greets out to: raiser, grim ripper and tentacle.