tul prOmotional :D by Corey
tul prOmotional :D by Corey
this is kinda 28 rip.. sorry!
coreythe unwritten law hell! what can i say!? im in love with u!
t h e u n w r i t t e n l a w p r o d u c t i o n s
n i n e t e e n n i n e t y - s i x
a n s i b y c o r e y
--------8-----cut-here-----8------------------8------------------8----------joojoo.. too short but who cares? i dont... greets out to:
ob fleur / raiser / realiser / tarot / distance / dose / reanimator
kid cain / caramon / fugitive / weapon-x / the cube / conrad
+ mop other great artgroups including acid? :D
and yes! i am lazy mother fucker... i just didnt want to do new logo coz that