Clear this mess up! by Tribe
Clear this mess up! by Tribe
Logo by Tribe Pic of Tribe by Toonz
Welcome to the first release of TOON.., as you know, we ARE a little
lacking when it comes to intelligence, but hey! Who cares! Anyway, Ive
decided to write this damn file to clear up a few things. Ok, first off Myth,
Xeryrus, WatOr, and myself are no longer in Mistigris. We were once the 905
Niggaz, but due to communication problems we had to leave.. No offence guys,
it was, and is a great group. I tried getting in touch but my phone bills just
couldnt handle it. Also, this was the only way of getting to you for sure.
Well sad news is always followed by good news! That being the premier of our
group. It seems that in a matter of months we have gotten together a great
pack, and it really shows everyones commitment...err...should we be committed?
anyways, :... the group is working hard, and well having a little bit of fun
while doing it! oh no! Fun!...
Ok, people have been complaining about me advertising Toon on every board
Im on, and to these people I say: Fuuuuucccckkkkk YOU! , jokes, no really
though, Im sorry if I did go overboard, and I know I please accept my
apology. Umm... what else, oh yeah were getting site apps like mad, so please
dont apply for sites unless you have a board that not in the same A/C as one
that we already have. But if youre a Toon member then its only fitting you
get a member board. Cool? Cool....
What does the future hold for Toon? Well lessee... probably more people
asking for sites, more people asking to join, more people finding out about us.
And the list goes on.... But one thing I can see happening is the group growingreally fast... I mean I go off for a little bit and do my exams, come back and
we got 3 new members! greets to: Rage, Chalorik, Nuclear Postman... and
these guys are great artists, as well as great people. So welcome!
Id like to take some time out and send a greet to The Green Hornet who
took time out of his busy schedual and did a phat joint ansi with me.... I knowDark Illustrated keeps you busy and all, so thanks man....really....
Ok, now that thats outta tha way! : I know what youre saying, Why do
all these new groups pop up? And why do I gotta see them around! , well what
can I say that hasnt been said a million times by other new groups? But one
thing that does stand out, is the fact that we look at ALL other groups with
the same respect, and ask for that respect in return. I mean, the group could
be any group from ACiD to iCE or all the way to Fierce, we respect you, and we
dont care what rank you are.... got it? cool...
Well, Ill let you guys go and enjoy the rest of the pack, so latah!
Ok, if you guys can get this puzzle then the first one to get me the
answer will recieve a free ansi from me! : is that a reward? of punishment?
What walks on 4 legs in the morning, 2 in the afternoon, and 3 in the evening?
I know its easy, but hey! I dont care..... if you want an ansi then reply!
You can find me on Fluxland, Savage Exile!, Toons Town....
Other Chit Chat
Other chit chat! Yeppers, ok well Id like to congratulate the guys at
Dark Illustrated on their 1 year Anniversary I know Im late!, and on being
a bunch of great guys... You guys deserve all the respect in the world, and
well, its nice to see the guys I grew up with in the ansi scene, getting
together and producing quality every month.... You guys do RULE! :
A big, huge, phat WHASSUP! to all the Darkies, and keep the shit as youve
kept it! smelly, gross and phat! really, remember the little people
when you guys explode! :
Other groups in the local scene havent been able to last, yet you guys
find ways to become the kings of our good luck in the future...
Also a big phat sup to the Toons here..... you guys are great to work
with, and I hope we stay together for a long time... I dont remember when
Ive last had so much fun in a group that was just starting out... Its great
being in a group with such humour and respect....
Greets to Red Zone, for being the only? Canadian Demo group out there..
and showing the world what we Canucks can do! I hope Freedom 95 works out!