s a u n a
towels optional.
Package three - The steamy dreamy nympho info
Three large packages in, weve been waiting for the right moment to drop our
towels and show you our large vowels. Caps and all.
You know people have been trying to take our steam ever since the first
sensual syllable package, but they mist. they cant bottle what we have to
offer. The only way to capture our essence is to join us in the sauna,
there are no judgements, towels have always been optional.
You want to join us?, Please do so.. if you can draw a super sexy font,
youre more then welcome to sit in the steamy fusion that we all create,
infact, we had two new studly gods of war join the sauna this pack, making it
a huge pack, mmmm a huge package indeed.
Please welcome Abstrakt and Groove. These two men walked in the room with no
towels, shamelessly strutting their baby makers for the whole world to see,
Welcome boys, its great to have you on board!.
Please enjoy the pack as much as the sexy steamy dreamy nympho did, it made
her day and it should make yours.
Kind Regards
The Soap Dropper avg
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