: Member List - Jack Flack Writer, Artist, Editor, Senior Co-President :
. The Stranger Writer, Editor, Senior Co-President .
Black Sunshine Writer, Death Certificate Contributor
Faethor LD Distro King
SAZ Sites
: SAZ World Headquarters - X-Force BBS - 405495-5354 :
. SAZ Distro Site - Late Night BBS - 405422-3711 .
: Yaun-Ti, Prong, Sandman, Ozzymandias, False Dog, Illusionist, Digital :
. Anarchist, Violetta, Mr. Spock Viewer?, PB2, Fruit-Loop, Terminator .
and anyone else who hasnt deleted our packs from your board. And to
all you lame PD boards who have deleted the packs from your systems,
all I can say is Fuck You.
Contact Us
: To contact SAZ, do one of the following things A - Send us mail from :
. the Log-On Matrix at X-Force BBS Call the and you will see the .
command from the first menu. You need not be a user to use this function
B - Send either Jack Flack or The Stranger E-Mail on any of a number of OKC
BBS systems. C - Fill out the application in this pack titled APPLICAT.ION
and send it through E-Mail to either Jack Flack or The Stranger.
The End
: Thats the end ... Go check out some horror. Write something. Kill :
. something. Kill someone ... Just dont get caught, and avoid the .
Death Certificate ... Later. - Jack Flack / SAZ