SAZ - Soulz At Zero ----- Pack 3 ----- Readme.Txt by Jack Flack 11/13/94
Well Folks, here it is ... Pack 3. Just a special thanks to all the people
who have read the first two packs and kept SoulZ At Zero alive. Without you
guys, we would have folded after pack one. Thanks to all the boards who have
helped people find us and the literature ... Thanks for Ozzymandias for letting
us take over part of his BBS and Sandman for all the extra time and help.
For a listing of all the files in this pack, be sure and read FILELIST.TXT.
I know the GiFs arent the best but I like em ... Hopefully Ill have more
free time on my hands soon and I can keep writing and drawing as much as Id
like to. Also, thanks to the Stranger and Black Sunshine for the tons of
ideas, input, stories and suggestions that go into each pack. I hope this
goes on for a long time and I hope you people keep reading them.
LACK 11/13/94 / SAZ