Font Collection #1 by panacea
Font Collection #1 by panacea
hello all you ansi viewers.. i dont happen to like looking through other
peoples fonts myself.. but im just a sucker for peer pressure and everyone
else was doing it.. if you want a logo ask at 301 340 9064, alias panacea.
-for:cybertopia why?bulletins menu header: 703978-8598-
-for:cybertopia why?infoform : 703978-8598-
infoform would be inserted in here..
make it bigger, of course!
-for:god among lice why?for the hell of it : hesape-rson-
-for:cybertopia why?his news file, netwrk: 703978-8598-
-for:empyrean why?their nfo file : itbeag-roup-
-for:this monthly pack why?for the news file hq:301292-4124-
-for:da peeps bbs why?his file menu : 703492-????-
i. files for all 5. networking utilities
2. disk utilities 6. multitasking utilities
3. printer utilities 7. database related files
4. other utilities 8. new files
-for:deep thoughts ppe why?for the header! ppe for pcb15.21-
v1.i C decomposition 1995 o9/i7/95
-for:da peeps bbs why?font! : 703492-????-
-for:cyberwall why?header! ppe for pcb15.21-
-for:contras why?they wanted it somewhere norway-
-for:cybertopia why?second node announce : 703978-8598-
-for:cybertopia why?unused font : 703978-8598-
-for:decomposition why?last callers PPE : 703978-8598
-for:black ice 703 why?bored : no no -no
this black ice font can be used for the black ice that is the
Undergrown distrosite. i was bored and i was making it for someone
that runs a board in 703 and, well, i dont like him very much. i
was just talking on the phone drawing it, and now i dont want to
give it to him cause he is an asshole. thats why i didnt put his
number on the seperator.. so if the real black ice wants this.. they
can have it.. otherwise it will just go unused.
shwew.. 281 lines.. longest one ever.. wait! its my first font collection!