Digital Percussions by panacea
Digital Percussions by panacea
a abandon conference n newfiles scan
b bulletins o page tai pan
bye logoff p screen length
c comment to tai pan r read messages
d download rum rumors
e enter a message t transfer protocol
f file directories u upload
i initial logon screen v view system config
j join message conference w edit settings
k kill a message x expert mode toggle
l wildcard file search y quick message scan
m ansi/ascii toggle z text search for files
if you rip this, there isnt much point i guess. unless you name your board
around it.. it would be quite amusing if you did. this is for digital
percussions sysop: tai pan which will go up sometime in november at 703 978
1925. if you still want to rip it tho, just ask me to make you one of your
own damn it!! ask me on alpha one studio at 301 340 9064, alias panacea.