Bliggity-Blah by WindRider
Bliggity-Blah by WindRider
WindRider of Remorse and Quad-P Productions
is proud ?
to present a little whatzit lovingly called:
What this IS is a little recap of why someone youve never
ever ever heard of is in a remorse!ascii pack. In order to
answer this, im going to tell you two versions of the same story.
STORY 1: I havent been around for about 6 months, so
kiss my hairy white-boy ass.
Wasnt that special. Short and sweet, right to the point.
But somehow i figure thats not going to be enough for my die-hard
fans who have wondered where ive been all 0 of you. It is for
you, the loving masses, that i graciously include this, the second
version of my story.
Story 2: WindRiders journey into the small town Saskatchewan
Im 25 and just about to finish up my degree in Education.
Thats right, im gonna be a teacher. Yes, im scared too, but thats
not the point. The point is that my internship took place well away
from where i currently live. And now im going to beat you about the
head with all the details of the place.
I was at a little school of 240 students k through grade 9
called St. Gabriels in the small town of Biggar, Saskatchewan. The
population is probably around 1000-1500 or so. Its got a weekly
paper thats about 16 pages or so no color. Theres a swimming pool,
a rink, a curling rink, and one of the biggest malting plants in
Western Canada.
I stayed in a nice little house in the basement about 6 blocks
from the school. Its also interesting to note that i doubt theres
anywhere in town further than 9 blocks from anywhere. The rent was
WAY too high, but thats okay. And here concludes the relatively
uninteresting portion of our program.
I taught kids age 11-14. i was in grade 6 phys ed grade 7
health and social studies grade 8 social, science, art, christian ed
grade 9 art, science, social, lit, and christian ed. By far the best
group of kids had to be the Grade 9s. They were a sweet bunch.
On that topic, i realized something the day i got back from my
four months out there. The wife of a friend of mine used to be a
school librarian technician whatever that means. She pointed out that
Grade 9 girls will flirt like mad with interns because somewhere in the
back of their minds they think that the intern might be their boyfriend.
Now that surprised the hell out of me, but when i look back on it, all
the signs were there. When they found out i was going to coach the
girls basketball team, about half the girls who came out were in grade
9, and many of them had never shown an interest in basketball before.
To be quite honest, the team stank, and bad. but it was still fun to
be out there and interact with them. even looking back at the video
tape i made of my last couple days out there, i can see that some of
them were playing up to me. I consider myself lucky to consider some of
them to be close acquaintances. To call them friends would seem a bit
odd, since im 11 years older than they are. On the other hand, Woody
Allen age 60ish just got married to a 20something year old. the sick
and evil part of my mind keeps trying to tell me to look some of them
up in 3 years when they get out of high school. But thats just sick.
Or is it....
Lets hope thats the end of our little trip into the Pedophile
I just noticed that i havent said a damn thing of interest.
Oh well, it doesnt bother me any. I consider it practice for my future
career. h0h0h0h0h0h0.
AND FOR YOU INTERNET FREAKS: I set up a fairly simplistic
webpaged filled with pictures of students and staff, as well as some
useful info like what their names are. Use some of the resources at
your disposal and im sure you could be sending obscene mail to them in
no time at all.
Take a little peek at the student pictures. If you email me
your list of your top 5 future heartbreakers, then ill let you know
just what theyre like, or something like that. Im open to
And if youve hated what youve read, dont hate mail me. Send
it all to necromancer. Its all his fault. hahahahahahahaha. im sure
hell appreciate all your kind comments.
See ya in 30.
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