"Soul Assassin ... rICH b0Y!" 0NE?" by ASS
"Soul Assassin ... rICH b0Y!" 0NE?" by ASS
Ill be wearing a white
t-shirt with
this font
in blue on the back
at NAiD
Soul Assassin96
The P H A R C Y D E
4 1 4 @ 8 2 0 @
0 7 8 4
Blade Ash member board
5p World Head Quarters
I took this pick in the spawn 9. Its a bla
ck and white, 2 pages angela by
Jim Lee and Todd McFarlane.
I baddly need a coder for my vga comic GRIM SCUM.
Id like to release it
next month. If youre interested dont e-mail me cuz my
I lost my i-net account
Ill have a new one soon. Just e-mail my buddy Snakes
Grunger on:
Snake Grunger, Insomniac, Rad Man call me more often
, mister Stone The Crow
Trip Kick ass story man! thanks a lot, Inne
r Vision, Catboner I want my VGA!Metallic
Blood Its been my pleasure to make business with yo
u, White Trash
holocaust, grimlock keep it rocking,
lemonade, Cool and Pretty,
Degenerit well do a joint someday, Azrael
, 7degrees, Bigge Pif,
Halo-5, Fluor, Jeepee
, Black ViperThink twice before pus
hing that trigger
Egoteq, Rephlexif the music is finished, se
nd it to SG on irc, Bedlam, Blatz
sorry if I forgot you I hope to see you so
on on IRC sorry if I forgot you
check out the hidden shits.
.Soul .4ssassin