"Soul Assassin .. rAG nUMBAH fOUR?" by ASS
"Soul Assassin .. rAG nUMBAH fOUR?" by ASS
Hi everybody, Im proud to present you
my first ansi with more then 100 lines
Soul Assassin/SAD
the GREETZ goes to:
Lord of darkness: Try to find where I took the idea of this ansi:
Bibitte: Just cuz youre a co0L guy!
Snake Grunger: Your Savage Dragon is the best!P
Staline or the Russ Koff: for the fun to greetz you pal!-W
Skull Fire: Im glad to have you in our group!*8-D
Mage: Thats the way!
Morgoth: Engarde!
The Night Angel: Peace man!
And All the other SAD members!
the FUCK go to: Fernando BBS
cuz the SysOp is a real motha fucka!