Devil And The Night
Twisted Devilish Fiends
Which Feed On Life Itself
Are Lurking In The Darkness
Like Shadows In The Night
They Hunt Their Victim Patiently
Waiting For Him To Fall
Then They Turn And Pounce On Him
That Prey They Stalked So Long
But With All There Strength And Power
There Is A Weekness In Them
In Day-Light These Dreadfull Beasts
Become Nothing More Then Dust
The Agony They Excist In, The
Torment, Suffering And Pain
To Never Witnes Morning
Sunrise, Sunset Or Light
These Evil Vile Demons
Only One Wish, One Dream
To Be Once Again Human
Flesh, Bones And Blood
I Fear Not These Creatures
Never Shall I Dread Them
I Have Discovered There Secret
And I Control There Fear
DEvil And THe NIGHT - 13/05/1994
Wait And Find Out....