The Chosen One
Out Of The Darkness
Appeared A Figure,
A Shadow Of Imagination,
Seen Yet Unseen.
Suddenly The Silent One
Hissed To Me.....
You, Are The Chosen One
Chosen I Jeered,
Me Chosen? Why Me
And Not Some Other?
For You, Are, The Chosen One
I Took This To Heart
And Replyed With Less Jest
And If I Refuse,
And If I Protest?
It Is Not Your Choice
For You Are The Chosen One
NO I Refuse, I Will Not Obey
Lets See You Now!
Make My Day!
You Must Fulfill The Prophcy
For You Are The Chosen One
I Yelled And I Shouted
But To No Avail,
All That I Did Seemed
To Crumble And Fail.
The Silhouette Faded
Into The Mist,
Forever Chanting.
Chosen, For you Are Chosen
I Then Inquired Into The Air
Chosen For What?
To Go Where?
But No One Answered From That Cold Space,
And While I Disintegrated Into That Waste
I Understood....
I, Was The Chosen One.