lll 6, 6,
llll ll ll
ll . l, ,l
lllll, ,b,..,dll
lP .,dlll
// // oO //
..this is what you should feel, you are what you should feel..
----- a9s notes ---
ok this was done like.. in the evening.. which is when i draw best..
it wasnt done for anything in particular, thats problably why i like
the pic.. the font says kryptorchid, but if you want you can take
that off.. i dont care.. btw: i know i MIGHT be a target for people to
rip, cuz i dont use my sig in my files.. i figure most people get
ripped, and honestly, i dont care if people rip my shit.. cuz honestly
if theyre gunna rip, theyre gunna rip, and theres nothing we can do
about it except for watch.. sure, just cuz we flame someone doesnt mean
they wont do it again.. anyways this is a 99 original ascii 99 by me,
1 goes to marilyn mansons song kryptorchid or cryptorchid, i forget
the pic goes to whoever wants it, just dont take credit for it,.. as for
requests, at this time im not taking any, cuz theyre turning out like
shit.. so just leave me some time to get my style workin fine.. other
than that, id like to welcome injektilo back to the scene.. hes a good
friend of mine.. so with all that being said, im outta here.