Beverly Hills 90210 by rAwlOck     (rl!)
Beverly Hills 90210 by rAwlOck (rl!)
beverly hills 90210
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when youre not screwing a girl, robbing a bank, tradin softwarez to some board
or getting arrested you have time to watch tv. well, you ever saw that stupid
thing on your oh-so-special-television called beverly hills 90210? I did
and guess what... i hate it! in the beginning you know how it shall end.
those boys and girls act much to nice, peaceful... it gets boring after
some time. so what can we change to make it a bit more interesting? much,
many things. first, that brandon-guy is way to good: for a good start
he should give up his work at the peach pit and steal the money from his
parents they are very rich you know of course when his parents notice
that, he doesnt give a fuck about it. if they complain to much about that
or something else, or stand in his way, he should attack them.
then he should also drink much more alcohol.
i think dylan is going in that direction. besides that, he also must
smoke weed and sniff some speed and he has to act very agressive and cheat
on his girlfriend kelly. she on the other hand must do the same, and of course
they must show those beautiful girls nude and no soft-tongue-kissing
but real hardcore porno.
Brandon and his mother is doing a blowjob with his dad, at that moment
dylan enters the room and sees that. first he kicks brandons dad dead and
secondly he grabs the mother and forces her to suck his dick. she is crying
and wants to refuse but with his 357 pointed on her head she does it.
of course steve enters the house at that moment and sees what is happening.
without saying a word he opens his pants and starts to fuck her doggy
style. first brandons mother resists but after a couple of kicks and hits
from steve and dylan she gives up, and let it happen to her.
dylan sticks his dick deep in her mouth and she starts to puke
he screams in her ear that she must continue. frightened as she is, she does.
It makes steve very horny when he sees his best friends mother cry. so he
starts to ride her harder. it hurts her. he has a very huge dick.
all that noise wakes brandon he was sleeping, it is ofcourse 3.00 pm
but brandon was drunk and beaten up by two thugs cos he tried to grab
one of their girlfriends. so he gets out of his bed naked, cos he dont
wear a pyjamas or underware, thats for lamers when he comes downstairs he
sees what his friends are doing to his mother.
Hey you guys he says, anyone a beer?
ofcourse they answer both at the same momento Shame ya have to ask that
when Brandon arrives back with a case of beer he sees his mother suffering
from those deeds dylan and steve are doing. he gets a hard one from it
and he starts to jerk off on his mother.
he starts to yell at her oh mother, you filthy bitch, yeah suck my friend
dylan and let steve give ya a good fuck, tell them you love them!!.
when she hears those words from her own son, her heart cracks.
come on is brandon shouting tell them ya love them, she is hurt that much
inside outside too of course that she cant say a word, she is crying
to much to speak. brandon sees that and he loves that. so he starts to squeeze
her tits, very hard and painful now she can yell!! aAaaarg, stop my son
i love you she says. yeah, i love you too says brandon so they throw her
on the ground and steve starts to fuck her in the ass. she screams. dylan
sticks his dick in her cunt that is bleeding from steves job and her own
son. brandon puts his dick between her tits and let her lick his cock, yes
and they all come at the same moment. they dress themselves, kick the mother
and open another can of beer, when they leave the house, the mother hear
them laughing and telling jokes about her. so the three drives to the peach pit
instead of those stupid nerds you always see in the peach pit you see this
time: bikers, rockabillies, lowlife scum without work and other thrash.
everyone drinks beeer and booze even the girls, at least 4 times a week
they have to call the cops cos there was another fight, once in 2 months
they have to call an ambulance cos someone took an overdose in the toilet.
the language of those people should of course change. 6 words out of 10 must
be a fuck, shit, dork, or whatever as long as its a dirty word.
example: brandon meets dylan they havent seen each other for 3 months
instead that Brandon says: hi dylan long time no seen i tought ya were dead?
he says: hey you ugly motherfucker ya did some time in the fucking jail again
and Dylan answers: yeah man, those fucking cops busted my ass again, they
found my weed but i flushed most of it down in the toilet, its been 2 months
my dick saw any pussies so the first girl I meet, im gonna fuck i dont care
if she is old or young, big or tiny, ugly or handsome, fat or skinny, as long
as it has a pussie it is ok. of course at that moment an ugly old fat ass
lady passes with a dog female too so brandon attacks the lady and holds
her for his friend, so he can have his pleasures. after he finishes, he takes
the dog and fucks the animal when he feels its gonna come, he takes his knife
and sticks it in the dogs chest, he cuts open the whole body and all the
incomings fall out the dog still lives and was pregnant, was... brandon
squeezes the puppies with his bare hands and dylan starts to eat from those
incomings. the old lady who saw it happen gets a heart-attack. so dylan
puts his dick back in his pants and they go to the nearest pub, to drink
some cocktails and celebrate. to do some useless stuff, or get in some
trouble and start up a fight....
so we all decide to watch more television and learn about it. i guess if this
happens, that mostly boys would look at beverly hills 90210 instead of those
teenage girls who dont even know what colour a dick has.
maybe we can ask them?:
* note *
dont let your fantasy float away to far when you are watching television.
ansi made by rAwlOck text is taken from anold bitchslap issue!!!!