Cyber-Amish code of conduct
i always strive for humility. i know systems fail.
i always seek to learn as much as i can. always speak truth.
no unwanted instructions are executed on my devices.
i avoid the influence of others in all forms.
advertising, tracking, fingerprinting, spying
i will teach what i know. i will help who i can.
i treat everyone pleasantly. i treat my community lovingly.
people are more important than objects. i am an example.
i am independant, resourceful and fearless. life is for living.
i protect valuable code, binaries and resources, digital or not.
if it should be done, i do it. time is valuable. avoid problems.
simple solutions are best. do not force. people should be free.
i take care of my mind, body and spirit. code should be readable.
turn repeated code into functions, more abstract if neccessary.
use the right tool for the job. always consider the pitfalls.
i seek balance in my mental, physical, digital, and spiritual lives.