Windows Operating Systems: Caution! Can JavaScript : Forbidden! Difficult to know
only be used if communication means are cut. what code is being executed.
Technology as entertainment : Caution! CanSocial Media : Forbidden! Actually degrades
be used if end is educational. Only high relationships, not enhances as it pretends.
quality games, movies, music should be used.Toxic to the self. Cyber-Amish cannot be boastful
The consumer must know of harmful side-effectsas it encourages.
social, personal, health, vulgarity, etc.
Linux Snap : Forbidden! Thats not how things are
Cellphones : Caution! Dont use stock android.supposed to be done.
Dont install apps you dont use and dont
know what they are doing. Monitor where yourDigital Subscriptions : Forbidden! Download the
data is going. Block data transfers wheremedia you enjoy. If it was sub-par, delete it. If was good, protect it.
Advertising : Caution! Avoid promotional Cloud Storage : Forbidden! Dont transfer your data
material as much as possible. Use an someone elses computer to protect. It is your duty
Do not contribute to the creation of ads. If youalone to protect it.
have a message to distribute, inform only. Do not
participate in promotions that have negativePrivate Data : Forbidden! Do not digitize personal
impact.information. Do not document things you wouldnt tell
a person or want everyone in the world to know.