Sun. A dark and
lonely place where corpses Reaper eat
Becomes the lonely setting where heaven and he
ll shall meet This place
of mine it stay, remaining here I think
Of euphoric happiness or depression mak
e me drink The large
and open chamber and the walls at which I stare
Replying cryptic paradox and agony
nightmare This wide
and windy cavern where I go to ponder life
Became the source of most of the struggling i
nternal strife Strongest
house of pain burns with a darkened glow
Sweetest of my love was the beast that br
ought me low Paradox
of pain as this life not set me fre
e Love of happiness always
hurt so immensely An
empty void of nothing, beckoning final
ity Reminding me of log
ic and of true reality F
earful of myself and this place from which
I run Sanity has lost
me now, as the day has lost the sun.