da info bizatch! by bedlam
da info bizatch! by bedlam
RaDmAn WaReZ sHoRt ShOrTs
RaDmAn LoOkZ lIkE dAnNy bOnAdUcE
mOp -- april 1996
MM ice
hey, its me, bedlam again
with this months and i
suppose, last months
infofile. sorry about not
having any info last month as if you care.. we got pretty busy and a little
stupid too, but lets not go into that. so anyway, on with the news...
there was this big thing about me quitting last month. just want
to clear a few things up about that. There was a misunderstanding in
the putting together and releasing of last months pack which made me make
the somewhat irrational decision to quit. Catbones, Icto, and Tabaqui quit
to show their support, but i soon realized my mistake and rejoined, the rest
of the crew following back. The nice surprise I recieved later that night
was Radman and Beastie who hasnt touched the scene for months calling me
asking me to join ACiD again and do their web page. I finally got my chance
to laugh in their face.
new members:
aight, heres the additions since april since we didnt have an
infofile last month.. abnormal comes to us wiv some ansi skillz.. hes
pretty good. blatz also brings us his ansi from plain, while hangin in fire
and trank i think for ascii. clark kent comes from icon with some more of
that ansi stuff we love so much. cold and ugly of ice is gracing us with his
presence.. last month he was our ansi head, but for some lame reason he
prefers to just hang as a regular artist, which is fine with us. also from
ice, fluor joins the crew with yes, ansi stuff. even more ansi comes from
pushead, who came from blade and brought his cool short pic skillz. our vga
department was given a boost with the addition of quisling, who had been
groupless for quite a while, which just shows he was waiting for a group to
come around that was truly worthy of his art. terminal psychosis bring some
more o dat ansi along, as did whitesnake.. both 2 other great ansi guys.
and our final additions which we got about three hours before we released
this, baltazar and mendator, yet another couple ansi guys with talent we
finally got a respectable ansi division! yay!
we picked up a couple more non-sceners this month, namely taos and vertiglo.
we were impressed with their vga art and decided to give them a shot at mOp.
their membership depends on what kind of stuff they can come up with for the
scene, and really just how much we like them, so keep an eye out for their
some miscellaneous members also joined the ranks.. blackened is our new
courier hydrocephalus, toxic403, and vibrance have joined up as coders
vibrance is also our first musician and rain maker of ice has become our
official assassin, taking care of all that dirty work wed rather not worry
departing members:
weve unfortunately lost a few guys too.. rusty left for some
unknown reason, scribble went bye bye after our trying to get him
to improve his skills dont know why he got mad, surreal logic left
after remembering a previous promise to halaster to join fire, trip quit to
spend more time workin on apathy and promptly got twice as good, the
tool , unsane quit the scene and were proud to release his last ansi,
tung lo was removed due to inactivity, and white insanity was let go. good
luck to all you guys in whatever you end up doing.
tHANks greets:
wed like to thank all the guys who joined up with us.. we
know youll have fun. wed also like to thank the people
at magpage for supporting us with our new web site and
private ftp site. the page is now located at
http://www.magpage.com/mop/ so go check it out.
MOp acronym o dA month: masturbating old people - we forget who gave us this
quote 0 dA mONth: i ride the short bus. - coffee
clOSing notes:
id like to apologize for not being 28 and writing the
cool infofiles youre used to, but well, im still happy
im not actually 28. Thats got to suck.
mr. smiley
and weve also found out that not only will your dick grow if you join
mOp, but youll also get all the bitches you could ever hope for. this was
a pleasant surprise realized by both tweed and myself. like you needed another
reason to join.