this is santa
presenting the
late mistigris
christmas pack
Ho ho ho, this is Cthulu here. Im exactly three minutes away from
going to a New Years bash out of town, so Ill be brief. This season is
generally recognized as being somewhat outstanding in the feelings it can
inspire in others, both in their actions and in their creations. As such,
that reflects from time to time in the artwork we produce.
Smooth segu into this pack. What we have here is all christmas /
winter / kwanzaa okay, very little kwanzaa - themed art by various mist
members, associates of mist members, and other inhabitants of the 604 area
code and/or people who have appeared in a mistigris pack through no fault of
their own. Weve got some festive music, pictures, writing, and even a loader run XMAS.EXE to tie it all together.
So, er, yeah. Enjoy this pack of holiday-themed art, and well be back
early in January for our regular ha! release of less-specific artwork.
Happy Ramadan!
Okay, a few confessions to make. Because we were so unsuccessful in
getting a winter pack together LAST christmas, a bunch of the art in this pack
is left over from then, never-released. That explains why a bunch of it is by
people youve never heard of or perhaps why it may ressemble the childish
scrawls they were making back then compared to the inspired masterworks they
would produce in these modern times.
The other confession is that the logo on top was drawn by Geekboy.
If the loader doesnt work, weve done what we can to make the files
accessable externally as well. Enjoy, or, if you dont, then please go stick
your head in a sheep. But it only lights up on special occasions.
B0P z0W.
mIstIgrIs 1997 - one more day, and this slogan will be out of date.