MIST1222 newsletter by CoaXCable / Cthulu
MIST1222 newsletter by CoaXCable / Cthulu
Greetings everyone, and welcome to another Mistigris artpack collection.
Our apologies, we were hoping to get more done this year only ten artpacks
released, what slouches! but a lot of disruptions came up in the closing
quarter of the year. But in keeping with the spirit of renewal and turning
over a new leaf that comes with the light festivals of the winter solstice,
were seeing transitions as new challenges and opportunities for growth. 2023
will see us less documented on Wikipedia and more documented on Kirkmans
Break Into Chat wiki. Started 18 years ago by RaDMaN, our WP entry
survived a notability challenge in 2006 and quietly bumbled along until, well,
it was old enough to vote, but one day a deletionist editor stumbled across it
and would not rest until it was gone. Well, now he can rest! Kirkman -- who
had a very interesting year himself, honoured and vindicated after being
accused by the Missouri governor of hacking a government website that
contained state educators Social Security numbers in plaintext viewable in
its HTML source code -- started his wiki to mirror BBS door game articles
purged from Wikipedia en masse nearly ten years ago to the date. 2023 will
see fewer of our releases exhibited on 16colo.rs and more of them exhibited at
Demozoo. We submit them to 16c anyway, but in accordance with the newly-
enforced TOS, teletexty artpacks havent been sticking around there for very
long lately. 2023 will see us posting fewer Tweets and more Toots. We
werent explicitly trying to make a principled stand by rejecting Twitter --
though that is a conversation worth having -- it just seemed that gross
mismanagement under its new, disruptive administration would likely result in
its closing up shop, possibly sooner than later. We will miss it -- never
passing up an opportunity to point to its founding engineers two cents in
MIST2000 -- but in the meantime, after trying and discarding the alternatives
offered at Hive and CounterSocial, were having good fun achieving stronger
engagement from fewer followers on Mastodon at @mistfunk@oldbytes.space ...
and havent quite given up on Cohost yet, either. Our memberlist has been
updated with Mastodon contact information for participating artists where
possible, so check it out!
And do please note that 2023 will see LDA hosting our collaborative Moebius
ANSI art jams at rabioli.ca rather than at its previous home at
completelynonintegrable.ca ... I dont have any stories about why, you can
make up a fun excuse.
Greetings to two artists making their artpack debut appearances in this
collection, the literary Russian street artist DosDoc and the ASCII art
acolyte War on Christmas. You will no doubt note that we pulled in artworks
of a seasonal bent this time around -- other themes are coming up in the new
year, along with unthemed packs and indeed non-artpack releases! -- but for a
laugh you can take a peek and see how DW and Darkman Almighty nerdily blended
their pop culture interests with the holiday season. Speaking of Blending --
that renowned improvised computer art compo The Blender is next up Jan 21-22
2023! Details up at mistigris.org/blender/blend.html , or just lurk in
blender on the EFNet IRC! Another hearty thanks also to CoaXCable for once
again giving up some apropos infofile header art. The FILEID.DIZ is where
War on Christmas made his mark. You may not start with your name in lights,
but you can at least put the lights up!
One of these years Ill be sharp enough with OBS to announce a cyberspace
performance of Unsilent Night around this time of year, maybe 2023 will be the
year?! Only time will tell. In the meantime, you can catch Melodia
reinterpreting the Bells of Yule theme first shared in a Mist pack at this
time of year in 1994. Or to totally go off the rails, you can tune in to
Cthulu performing a virtual suite of Monkey Island tunes on accordion at HPMs
recent art exhibition opening party at the Bar el Destello barcade in Buenos
Oh, I should note that after a few seasons in development hell, the final
installment of the Back to the BBS documentary series by Als Geek Lab -- the
episode about the BBS artscene many of us interviewed for what feels like a
very long time ago -- is at long last final and will be debuting on Fri Dec 23,
at 14h45 PST the local time zone conversion is left as an exercise for the
reader with some live chat by the filmmaker and possibly some of the interview
subjects. Were just a small part of the bigger story, but there is definitely
some Mist content up in there, so do please be sure to check it out at