MIST1222 memberlist by CoaXCable / Cthulu
MIST1222 memberlist by CoaXCable / Cthulu
MIST1222 list of contributing artists
3S a mouse has recently emerged from Tokyo into the realm of severely
minimalist ASCII art. To keep them here, we may need to figure out how to
draw severely minimalist ASCII cheese.
Atonalospreys credentials and qualifications for participating in an
undertaking such as the commission of a computer artpack are so increasingly
abundant -- now moreso than ever! -- that it would be pointless to elaborate
upon at any further length.
youtube.com/user/antonvanoosbree / instagram.com/atonalosprey
Axl is a Parisian artist who works in many styles but who stumbled upon the
Japanese flavour of the Commodore 64s PETSCII aesthetic and is feverishly
working every angle of it, machine-generated and bespoke. His NES-style
platform game-in-progress Andarnov rocks that style but is in need of
programmer support.
instagram.com/axltm / piaille.fr/@yenenpeuplou
Mike Blippypixel Rose is a digital artist whose tastes veer toward the
vintage in electronic music and visuals, dabbling in low-poly 3D modeling, LED
pixelart, and teletext as well as work in the distinctive palette of the BBC
CoaXCable of CoolPHat is a helpful sort, always happy to throw in a handful of
blocks on short notice. Wherever we have a rough spot, hes holding it
together, specialising in infofile art and demoparty participation.
Codefenix is a retrogaming and retrocomputing enthusiast, to the extent of
being SysOp of ConstructiveChaos BBS and dressing it appropriately in ANSI
Darkman Almighty administers the USS Excelsior BBS, and picked up a little
ANSI art along the way so as to better skin his Starbase in cyberspace most
Notes from Underground: DosDoc makes infofile art for the Western literary
canon and posts it up in public spaces to impress elites and baffle illiterate
DW of Dark Systems BBS has recently been adapting video game sprite art and
bead / cross-stitch patterns of classic and nostalgic nerdy subjects into ANSI
art versions, free for all and sundry to make use of... but is graduating to
more elaborate and interesting projects. Stay tuned!
A genuine professional teletext illustrator two decades hence, Steve
Horsenburger Horsley has recently returned to the game for love of the art:
Its kind of frustrating to discover you are good at something only to
realise its pointless in todays world, but I just really like doing it so I
am going to carry on. We feel your pain, Steve! At his website you can
commission original teletext creations from him, so dont delay to get your
own piece of textmode art history!
Illarterate is a multimedia artist from Wigan, UK. Despite attempts to
modernise, he will forever be known as That Guy That Does Teletext Art. But
whoever said thats a bad thing?
twitter.com/illarterate / teletextart.tumblr.com
danfarrimond.co.uk / portfolio.illarterate.co.uk
Every medium has several modes: a pre-modern approach, a clean modern style,
and a post-modern detournement, often in the glitch idiom. In Jellica Jake,
teletext has found its glitch ma/onster! It is such a simple 3-bit medium
there quite simply isnt the complexity needed for things to go really wrong,
but somehow this artist, doing more with less, has found depths of texture to
imply psychological profundity between the lines.
twitter.com/jellicajake / instagram.com/jellica / kittenrock.co.uk
Kurogao is another bleeding edge textmode visionary straddling the related
but very different worlds of ASCII art and emoji typography, blending both
into single-panel vignettes.
Mavenmob is an interesting case, informed by equal parts of the philosophy of
J. Krishnamurti and his artscene youth in Blade and Echo. One of his recent
undertakings is a game called The Word Is Not The Thing about which our lit
division may beg to differ, and work continues on its follow-up, titled The
Creation of the Self.
mavenmob.com / instagram.com/mavenmob / oldbytes.space/@mavenmob
You wont see any of Mavriks creative work in our recent archives, but
theres a very good chance that the collection will have passed through his
graciously-offered web hosting at mistigris.org en route to you, picking up
from his historical facilitator role greasing the gears of Mists KiTSCHNet
echomail network from its home at Daemons Gate BBS.
Melodia doesnt need an artgroup, she is an artgroup. One more case of the
parade continuing after the band stopped playing, courtesy of the bottomless
music in her head she kept on keeping on -- and indeed, has never stopped. We
are humbled by her continuing association with us, as to her, all we have to
offer is drag factor!
mylifecomputerized explores the imposition of the aesthetics of vintage
computing specifically, the IBM PC CGA palette to help make sense of our
postmodern era.
A 90s ANSI art acolyte recently finding his way back to the fold, Nitron
has made up for lost time by releasing a solo pack and putting up Hold Fast
BBS, and is currently minting XBINs and NFTs like theyre going out of style.
When hes not drawing snow on to C64 game screenshots, Vinny Mainolfi is
running editing the FREEZE64 fanzine.
War on Christmas is a college student, a beginner at ascii art, who wants to
get better at it. Let us get started!
Yet another tireless participant of the UKs teletext renaissance, it seems
almost inevitable that we would provide a home for Alistair ZXGuesser
Crees playful screens beneath our umbrella.
and our usual round of greetz to our colleagues at: blocktronics.org, Lazarus,
Legacy, impure.nl, hermanas del perro magnetico, NiGhTmaRe HiJaCk GuiLd,
galza.org, @hirmuofficial, paleotronic.com, soundcloud.com/bitcouver,
vanchipmusic.ca, ArakNet and TABNet!