MIST1016 Infofile by Cthulu, Nail, ldb, C
MIST1016 Infofile by Cthulu, Nail, ldb, C
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The Machine.
For the first time in a long, long time, Im not filled with ancient history
to disgorge at you at great length. I have no fear of writing a giant
Mistigris infofile at you, but I can understand why you might tremble at the
prospect of having one presented before you to read. So lets not. For once,
I can tell you what were up to without stretching back to beige boxes running
MS-DOS in 1994. Please, let me tell you further, indeed at great length,
just how Im not going to discuss that stuff. Nearly all of the digital
crypts we were hoping to dig up have now been well and truly plundered, and so
with nothing remaining to exhume save static and binary grave dust, there is
nowhere to go but forward.
It seems like a bit of a lost opportunity, given this particular time in the
whole calendar year giving license to hold forth on the black arts and dark
lore of elder times, lost in the shadows of unspeakable ages, celebrating what
are essentially dead artforms on commercially long-dead hardware, but let us
not be glib: our membership is filled with real people who -- unlike most of
the cyberpunk adolescents of yesteryear RIP Night Daemon! -- deal with real
issues on an everyday basis and who have even over the course of this
artpacks commission experienced real loss -- within the past month alone,
including health scares, animal attacks, and the death of beloved family
members. So lets keep this gloomy and ominous festival light, mmkay?
So I dont need to set the stage or define the terms: if you are looking into
this artpack at all, either you already know what an artpack is about or you
can break it down into its two words and figure it out. Why artpacks? The
original, 1992, context answering this query is incredibly baroque and more to
the point entirely defunct, but the 2016 answer is simple: because sharing
interesting art is always worthwhile! But heres an insider baseball
question: why is this artpack so small? I know, I know, small is relative:
this archive contains over 80 ! pieces by over 30 !! artists, but Ill
level with you: its not the collection Ive been shaking people down for half
a year now... Last years October artpack -- our accidental, post-revival
anniversarial standard -- contained a significant caucus of spooky seasonal
artwork, which was... a little distracting from the larger body of computer
art that was not. Maybe I should have split it into two artpacks, I
thought, one of them Halloween themed and one jam-packed with everything
else. But you cant put the genie back in the bottle. This year, however,
as we observed the same phenomenon arranging itself again, we were well
positioned to reflect on our regrets and do things the right way this time
around: curating a specialty Halloween artpack from our pool of computer art
submissions. But surely you have noticed the subtle, underlying theme.
There is amazing artwork in this collection, some of which weve been pursuing
since this time last year! Such a range and breadth of subjects, styles and
mediums we have up on offer: from a brand-new C64 intro to oil paintings, to
inktober sketches by the bushel to barrels of teletext the inclusion of the
politicians, a little joke there -- what could be scarier? by way of collage,
photography, Shift-JIS, glitch, and ... did we mention the music? The
authentic Mistigris touch with poetry folded in? You get all that PLUS a
genuine jack o lantern! Whatever computer art means to you, surely you will
find it here -- and more!
The point Im eventually getting around to is this: enjoy the Halloween art
on the occasion of our 22nd anniversary... this collection is great, but there
is a larger and greater collection -- what would have been our annual
anniversary artpack -- queued up to follow it in mid-November. So stay tuned,
computer art fans!
O /O
/ WVVVVW - Cthulu
MMMM/ Mistigris founder .-----.
--- October 29, 2016
/ / VVV @mistfunk P
-,.. VVV / mistigris.org /
....--vvvvvv ldb