MIST1016 Memberlist by Cthulu, Nail
MIST1016 Memberlist by Cthulu, Nail
Arielle Olivier has never learned how to stop worrying, or love the bomb.
Fits well into most overhead storage compartments. Do what you love, its
existentially sound.
arielleolivier.wordpress.com / iliarevilelore.tumblr.com
Last seen in MIST2000, Brad Bonemouse Morris bio extolled the virtues of
his demonic covers for Kitsilano High Schools Ideograph newspaper and his
Rainclouds story for the Dream Factory comic book anthology. He has clearly
kept his pen sharp in the many long years since then, as he demonstrates in
this two-year inktober spree.
Chris Godber appears to have overclocked his brain, with all of the pros and
cons entailed, empowering him to express himself in poetry, music, visual art
and even video games... but woe be to him should the heat sink behind his left
ear ever malfunction.
A poet of extremes who can mean love when he says death and death when he
says love, our beloved ragman Crowkeeper has voluntarily toiled beneath
minimalist constraints so severe that Twitters word limit is as nothing to
him. In 2015 Mistigris digitally reprinted his 1999 collection Scarecrow
Poetics, but he is even more active writing today.
twitter.com/crowkeep / scarrow.deviantart.com
For your amusement, Daniel Wickert has turned his computer into a seafood
kaleidoscope. And to think the fools told him not to get it wet!
Delphine Hennellys series of selfie sister paintings beg questions about gaze
and agency.
Diane Smithers photographs are plainly worth a thousand words, so what more
need be said?
In tandem with Christopher Powell at Imaginary Games, the nuanced visual art
of Elin Jonsson has brought the world of the Afterland mobile card game to
strange, wonderful life.
behance.net/elinjo / facebook.com/imaginarygames
A genuine professional teletext illustrator two decades hence, Steve
Horsenburger Horsley has recently returned to the game for love of the art:
Its kind of frustrating to discover you are good at something only to
realise its pointless in todays world, but I just really like doing it so I
am going to carry on. We feel your pain, Steve! At his website you can
commission original teletext creations from him, so dont delay to get your
own piece of textmode art history!
An oldschool figure in BBS artscene circles, j33p33 has long since
forgotten how well he can draw ANSI, distracted by endless meditations
spiralling into hip-hop loops.
An endlessly creative individual at the Rave On Studio mixing console or
before the blank page, it was merely a matter of time before Jenn Ashton
picked up a paintbrush and ran with it.
Kazunari Kalcha Naito represents the tip of an iceberg we know little of and
understand still less of -- Japans Shift-JIS parallel textmode art scene.
His works are informed by his interests in 70s prog rock, jazz, and fine art.
pinterest.com/kalcha55/ascii-art / kalcha.wix.com
Part of a feral tribe of uncontacted textmode artists at the 8bitMUSH at
ANSIART.COM, LDA emerges from a family pixel art concern to grace us with the
imagery of his people.
ldb Laura Brown is a rare bird, perhaps the last practitioner standing of
good old UseNet-style ASCII art, with a masterful command over economy of
slashes, parentheses and asterisks.
Lorn Huggins did not do that to the snake, she merely documented what she
found after the fact.
The box artist of many of your favorite childhood video games, Marc Ericksen
has graced us for the first time anywhere with a clear view of something scary
you may never have had a chance to see before -- his clean, unadulterated
artwork for an ad for RTX Red Rock that ran in GamePro 176 behind a confusing
mass of red interference that cleared up when viewed through red transparency.
retrogameart.com / marcericksen.com
A textbook case of the parade continuing after the band stopped playing,
courtesy of the bottomless music in Melodias head she kept on keeping on --
and indeed, has never stopped. We here include a track The Rockafella
Vampire from her recently-unearthed collection of thought-lost
turn-of-the-century tracker compositions we released as 1999: An .XM Odyssey.
This month she has opened the Paleotronic vintage gaming boutique in Victoria,
soundcloud.com/empressplay / @empressplay
The fine arts component of the millennial DTES creative commune known as the
Church of Pointless Hysteria, Mister Fire-Man now divides his time between
carving Seussical wooden horns from a Strathcona field house and leading
community parade workshops with the Legion of Flying Monkeys Horn Orchestra,
sometimes in Catalunya.
The man, the myth... Mythical Man handily satisfies both categories. Long
known for his prowess on the euphonium, painting is a recent development to
which he has applied himself ardently.
mythical-man.deviantart.com / euphoniousmyth.tumblr.com
themythicalman.livejournal.com / instagram.com/themythicalman
Nail has been known for stacking blocks for Fire and The Legion in the past,
and, since his return to the scene last year, is doing the very same with old
friends in Blocktronics. Deeply rooted in the 16-color world of the Commodore
64, hes also been instrumental in bringing the Galza PETSCII art packs to the
attention of its native platforms scene.
Orangeboxman aka Josh Susanto in Second Life has an MA in Music Theory from
UBC and is a proud graduate of the Sugar Refinerys Scrambled Angst
performance series, with a postdoc at Spootify.
Phatal, one of the Butchershop 20, is a beach bum par excellence, typically
found in a boat or dune buggy somewhere between the Sunshine Coast and Baja
California -- and occasionally installed at a sketchbook or easel somewhere in
Pinguino grew up on the internet, doing telco for CiA, and VGA for GAS and
Rival. Lately, she runs the design studio Pinguhaus, goes raving on every
continent, and experiments with obscure foods -- her latest accomplishment is
making ramen noodles out of crickets. The design co-founder of the Cuddli
geek dating app, her next project is partying with sled dogs in Greenland.
ivomitrainbows.com / @pinguino
Raquel Meyers is a bona fide computer art star choosing as her dripping,
bloody axe the PETSCII character set of the Commodore 64. As exemplified in
her recent Lovecraft in Text Mode project, fortunately for this collection
her favorite subject happens to be drawing monsters.
Until being accidentally invoked by a recent Mistigram posting, long-lost
Mistigris Classic alumnus reNM8R has been entirely out of touch with us since
1995 -- but it turns out has spent all of the time since feverishly exercising
the right side of his brain playing MUX RPGs and illustrating friends
Ed Starstew Stastny is that rare synthesis suggested in the two-word phrase
computer artist, practicing a species of net.art at SITO continually since
even prior to the establishment of Mistigris. Having mastered and
subsequently discarded so many styles and approaches, wearing the masks of a
half-dozen faux handles he could easily masquerade as an entire artgroup. Or
has he in fact been doing this... all along?
instagram.com/starstew / starstew.tumblr.com
For the month of inktober, Theresa Oborn has flattened her creative
aspirations, like prisoners in the Phantom Zone, into a contrained two
dimensions. There, surprisingly, they are thriving!
theresaoborn.tumblr.com / etsy.com/ca/shop/TheresaMO / theresamo.deviantart.com
All that, and renaissance man Tom Heuckendorff fronts the band Soatoa as well!
tomheuckendorff.com / instagram.com/tomheuckendorff
Whazzits history with Mistigris dates back to our 1994 inception, and though
our paths diverged before long, when talk of our 2014 revival came up he was
right there on the front lines with the impossible -- a seemingly endless font
of fresh ideas of new applications for a positively archaic artform. We simply
cant accommodate all of the experiments, so Blocktronics obliges.
Even especially? with innocuous subjects, the glitch aesthetic -- which xer0
demonstrates handily -- has no option but provide an unsettling, vaguely
sinister lens through which to view. When hes not cooking up twitchy
weirdness for Mist, this longtime underground scenester, a programmer and Unix
enthusiast, can be found making appearances with Blocktronics and Impure.
xero.nu / 0w.nz / twitter.com/fontvirus / x-ero.tumblr.com
And the final artists listed are the creators of the first file appearing in
the directory alphabetically. 2016HalloweenX-1.d64 is a Commodore 64 disk
image of an impromptu intro written by Peter, Jen, PJ and Clive Pape at a
recent get-together of Vic 64 - Commodore 64 enthusiasts of Victoria. If you
have problems executing the program, try the following steps: Add the disk
image, LOAD *,8,1 and then enter the command SYS 4096
... and Ive been Cthulu: three years of revival artpacks, zero original
creative works credited to myself. Ive got plenty of ideas, but Id need to
take a break from writing infofiles to realise them 8
Oh yes, and the distro sites!
The Guardian of Forever BBS - guardian.synchro.net
... but of course you can most regularly reach us and find out about our
activities these days over social media: