25 liner / smallscale colly by Trinity!
25 liner / smallscale colly by Trinity!
.inether wrldi.sss
s l sss ss
command here? sssss
s command here? ss ssssssssss
command here? s sss
command here? sssss
command here? s ssss
command here? s ssssss
.inether wrldi.s s
s s trinitymistigris
--------------------------- cut here for snatch -------------------------------
welcome to my first ever greyscale ascii. i think it would have been better
colored, but, we all have to make sacrifices for the good of experimenting with
lab rats. this ascii is for delirious dingo, for our trade. here it is big guy.
if you want a ascii, contact me on blacknet, confusion net, or on any 888 board
.or email me at trin@bbs.dsoe.com. if you need it fast, pay me duh cASH?!
s sss s s 0s d,b
sss s ss ss d
s s ss sssss .dP4
sssssssssssssssssssssss trs
s b,d
s d this was a pick
d that i mutilated
sss d into a menu temp.
ss d for dementia run
ss s d by sucidal lemmin
b ss s d if you want one?!
s ssssssss d email here or die
s d trin@bbs.dsoe.com
b d spiff! man i r0x!
b d
b,. d
trinity s s sss sss s
s ss ssstr! s
ssszssssssss trin! s sss
ssssss ss z
ssssss ss ss s trinmist ss sss s
s s ss sigris s sss ssss
ssssss s s s ssss s s4 ss s s
ss s ssssss s ssss sss e ssssss
ssss s4 s sssss s
sssssss s4 s ssss ss ss s s
if your wondering what this is, dont. i myself dont know. anyone can use
this for whatever they please. i know it is shit. it took me a whole 10 mins!
10 mins you say?! yes, thats right, it takes time to place all this jumbled
crap everywhere. heh. if you want a GOOD ascii email me at trin@bbs.dsoe.com