Uncoloured colly by Trinity!
Uncoloured colly by Trinity!
.neosporin font for rage.
n e o sp o ri n
trinmist .,d b,. .,d b,. .,d b,.
-- --- l -- i i --- l --- l ---
::::: :::: :: b,. 4 : :
::: : : : b,. 4b,,.. b,..,d. :::
l i ::
:: :::: :: : : 4 s .,P ::: ::: : :: :
... this isnt colored because i didnt feel like wasting my time doing it.
... infact, none of these are colored. spiff! the leading remidy for stuff?!
.nether world font for bloodline.
n eth e r world?!
.,db., .,db., .,d b., .,d
P4 P4 P4
P4 n P4 P4s i P4
e . . .,d
. . b,.,d i b,.,d s
l s . i P4
. .,di t .
i b,.,d i i . . h
b,.,d b,.,dsb,.,d b,.,dl b,.,d b,.,dl
+o bloodline and delirious dingo
.hellbound pic for dark shadow, even if it does suck!.
trinitymistigris sssssssss ssssssss this sucks ssssssssssssss
stop looking post haste its almost ten to ate? s s
?! hellbound ?! sssssss ?! hellbound ?!
this is my collie, and it is really sad, but this is just stuff that i never
got back to, that i never could fix or whatever. never got to color, shade or
fix anything up! argh, anyhow, if you want a good one, contact me on tst, the
mistigris world head quarters!?? -trinitymistigris