MIST0320 infofile by Cthulu / Picrotoxin
MIST0320 infofile by Cthulu / Picrotoxin
Give us bread,
but also give x
us roses...
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3 X
2 X X
This ones going to be brief, here on the occasion of March 2020, another March
Mistigris artpack themed in celebration of International Womens Day, an
occasion typically marked in the world of underground computer art by... a
striking absence of nearly all female participation. Im going to set a land
speed record for Mistigris newsletters. Its not that men are sprawling and
self-indulgent and women get the job done, its not that Im cutting the
ladies short shrift does their newsletter only earn 79 words to the dollar?,
Im not racing to my one-sided conclusion regardless of my partners
enjoyment... Im not trying to reproduce gendered communication pattern
cliches, indeed Im trying very hard not to subscribe to any Mars and Venus
gender essentialist nonsense which throws off lazy joke-writing autopilot
significantly in their absence... which might also contribute to the relative
brevity of this document, as soon as I can get around to starting it ... its
just that IWD was at the start of this week and the women have been very
patiently waiting long enough, through delays including a whole day of bizarre
Super Mario fetishism MAR10 that somehow skipped the queue, for this
collections release. So lets get down to it!
If you hadnt noticed, its Cthulu still at the wheel here. Despite my best
efforts, I wasnt able to pawn off the work of authoring the infofile on a
woman this time, to ill effect overall I fear, but all the same if theres one
thing I can do its author an infofile. If theres two things I can do...
Ill have to get back to you on that one. Outside of the very specific
demographic features of this collections participants, its worth noting that
again our spotlight drifts over more to the world of physical pixelart in
traditional and traditionally-female crafting mediums... but things arent
as cozy and cliched as that might suggest at first blush, largely due to the
totally pornified cross-stitch sexcapades of RitaSada, who blasts way past
the standard salty textile works and infuses hers with a kinky and desperately
thirsty energy reminiscent of German sex work teletext screens only here
derivative of equivalents on the Minitel medium -- Jellica Jake, who really
went on a bender last month, may well have met his stiffest competitor! But I
Also making their artpack debuts here this month were happy to present works
from emerging pixelartists Drawbits and Emel, a painting by Toi Box, and a
paint by numbers diamond painting painstakingly assembled by Stella Li in
3200 pieces, each placed one at a time. Also this month, we celebrate Nikki
as the emergent teletext genius behind the Nikkiandbunty social media
concern... Buntys skills fall presumably in other fields.
Many thanks to Picrotoxin for the FILEID.DIZ and the encouragement for us to
lumber across the finish line with this challenging collection!
I... said I was going to keep it brief. So, uh, dont worry, the lads will
return next month with some of their dopest pieces yet, wait did I say
dopest? I meant dopiest. Its April, and with its arrival comes one of our
oldest traditions: splendidly terrible and awesomely stupid defective works of
art to celebrate April Fools. Are you a bad enough dude to send us in some
wretched failed artworks? Gosh I hope so, after all these years Im starting
to run out of bad jokes. I may start having to tell good ones!
See you in a couple of weeks!