MIST0320 memberlist by Cthulu / Picrotoxin
MIST0320 memberlist by Cthulu / Picrotoxin
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c o n t r i b u t o r s t o M I S T 0 3 2 0
Artist, gamer, scientist... not necessarily in that order, BhaalSpawn is
principally a graphite pencil artist, drawing for employers and smaller
clients, but outside of the day job, has a love of science, sci-fi, fantasy and
computer games. When relaxing, like most people she wants to avoid work, but...
still has a love of art. This month, we open the door into her hitherto
unshared realm of pixelart.
etsy.com/uk/shop/YavinPaints / @BhaalSpawn
Bliss is another of our rotating cast of seasoned textmode artist guest-stars
visiting from the alt-ANSI utopia of the 8bitMUSH at ansiart.com, handy with
their screen-condensed, palette-extended variant, described as FANSI. She
often is concerned with video game subjects, but her interest in fixed-width
pixelart also extends into the textile realm.
A few years following the release of the final Mist Classic artpack collection,
c00k13m0n5t3r was born. The generational gap might well be nigh
insurmountable, had we not the mutual love of quality pixelart. Its timeless!
Mistigris is a few months older than Cookieheart, but classic themes possess
an eternal appeal to this Colombian artist, who works in both sketchbook and
pixelart idioms.
facebook.com/artbycookieheart / instagram.com/cookieheart
Drawbits is an emerging pixelart painter.
Emel is a digital illustrator from France, also dabbling in pixel art and the
physical voxelart of seed bead animals.
instagram.com/emelpixel / twitter.com/MlMiellle
You dont get to see all aspects of an artists creative practice manifest in
a computer artpack you probably wont get a chance to see EmmeDobles work
in ceramics in these pages, but if you settle for her pixelart, its a well
worthwhile consolation prize.
Writer, acrylic painter and digital artist, Etana has kept her fingers in
numerous creative pies since the dusk of the artscene with such avenues as
Hallucigenia, Keyframe - the Animation Resource and currently Tilted
athenacooper.ca / twitter.com/athenacooper
Eve draws a lot of hard-edged angular subjects like mecha and buildings in
their pixelart practice. Here, take a look.
ldb Laura Brown is a rare bird, perhaps the last practitioner standing of
good old UseNet-style ASCII art, with a masterful command over economy of
slashes, parentheses and asterisks.
You wont see any of Mavriks creative work in this archive, but theres a
very good chance that the collection will have passed through his
graciously-offered web hosting at mistigris.org en route to you, picking up
from his historical facilitator role greasing the gears of Mists KiTSCHNet
echomail network from its home at Daemons Gate BBS. He, also, is a man,
but hes pretty sure that we shouldnt have to reinvent the wheel and make
exclusive use of woman-invented technologies in order to get this collection
together and into your hands.
mylifecomputerized explores the imposition of the aesthetics of vintage
computing specifically, the IBM PC CGA palette to help make sense of our
postmodern era.
Nelumbotus is a major in computer science with a minor in pixelart. No, not
really, but yes.
Nikki is a queer woman who loves retro games, technological tat ... and arty
arty crafty stuff! She has taken up the arcane art of teletext, which we are
authorized to share with you.
Thematically, whether through photo or digital manipulation, The NJHLS works
by medium of hidden patterns, drawing them out through a combination of
colour, shapes, texture, and symbolism. While this exploration is a common
theme in all of her work, each image also serves as a maze, revealing
successive layers upon further viewing.
There are many roads to textmode artwork IRC channels are as legitimately
valid an avenue as any. Emerging from the MIRCart realm into the world of
artpacks, Picrotoxin brings a fresh perspective to a classic medium.
Pinguino grew up on the internet, doing telco for CiA, and VGA for GAS and
Rival. Lately, she runs the design studio Pinguhaus, goes raving on every
continent, and experiments with obscure foods -- a recent accomplishment is
making ramen noodles out of crickets.
ivomitrainbows.com / twitter.com/pinguino
Lest we take our practice too seriously, PixelFart is here to keep things
loose and casual.
RitaSada got the salty crossstitch memo and then blew straight past it, her
destination a place you might not take your grandmother to even if just to flip
her wig. Then again, there are stories granny hasnt told you...
Stella Li values her privacy, but agreed we might be able to round up some
simpletons to admire her feat of successfully placing 3200 rhinestones on a
grid pattern.
Every time I include her in an artpack, I find myself completely rewriting
Theresa Oborns bio, as though I might somehow hew closer to the truth, like a
darts player hoping to hit a bullseye. She draws and sculpts, and perhaps the
work speaks for itself.
A Playa veteran, Toi Box has much experience both creating and destroying, but
has only just recently once again picked up the paintbrush.
Webersso.n made hyperstylized perler bead portraits of women uh, and cats
with fauvist pop art colour schemes.
Communities of text art practice emerge through certain social contexts but
the basic premise is such an appealing idea that it keeps getting invented and
reinvented. XTComics draws comic strips using a combination of low ASCII
characters and emoji, and this month they are the exception to prove the rule.
and our usual round of greetz to our colleagues at: blocktronics.org, Legacy,
impure.nl, amish.0w.nz, galza.org, Fire Dream, Break,
@hirmuofficial, paleotronic.com, soundcloud.com/bitcouver, pHluid,
vanchipmusic.ca, null e-mag, ArakNet and TABNet!