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We got out our first pak, I believe that This was
the most
anxoiusly awaited pack in a quite some time, at lea
st down
here in 813 it was. This has been a pain and at th
e same
time it has been kinda fun. We have gone through s
wierd things, The WHQ got a virus and had to Format
drive, we had an artist Bloodshot, come into the gr
then quit after giving us a 3 month old ansi after
2 months of time, O well no hard feelings. It took
two months to get This pak out and I think it was w
worth the extra month we took to make it the best.
if you like what you see, please tell me about it o
ThunderNet, or leave me suggestions. To any artists
ouy there, fill out MiiSapp.exe and send it in if y
are interested in becoming a MiiS Member.
//iiS President