There is a group out here in 813 named TechnoCrome, They are a Programming/ANSi/
VGA group, they are also planing on making thier own BBS software. Recently
they released a fiel called PCXUTIL.EXE, this file was derived off of a source
from one of MiiSs ANSi artist, Masterken. It seems he was talking to Megaton
Rush The maker of PCXUTIL and Megaton asked him to help him with a pcx code
in C++, Masterken uploaded him the source to a MiiS loader, so he could look
at it and get some idea of what to do, It turns out that Megatron changed
only a line or two of the source, put in an .NFO file saying that he coded
this PCXUTIL, and it would have been in Asembeler but he was To Lazy, This is
Bullshit, the whole program was ripped from a MasterKen source code. I am
only telling you this to inform you, and not to ruin Technocrome, it is mainly
a file to give credit to MasterKen, and not Technocrome. I have no problem with
Technocrome, or its members, just slightly upset at what Megatron Rush did.
//iiS President