mean scheme halloween 1996 by mean scheme
mean scheme halloween 1996 by mean scheme
the mean scheme halloween 1996 edition --- trick or treat
kyp malice
its halloween, kiddie...
...and your favourite nightmare is back
just in case that you ask yourself why the mean scheme was resurrected after
it was declared dead end of august this year, ill give you an explanation for this... first of all, this isnt exactly the same mean scheme that died in
august, although all members are back...
second, in the past two month i had a look at german scene, ansi scene in
particular, and once again i had to face that most of the guys are just bad,
have no idea of shapes or shading and that, except for black maiden which
isnt a real german group and ega which still has to prove itself in the
first pack arent worth shit...
so i decided to open the crypt again it will be online for end of november,
if no second hd crash gets in the way and gather a new mean scheme to hold
up some german quality...
some new guys joined in for that attempt, namely krash of ophidiac and kyp
and avenger both from black maiden and i have the feeling that were more
or less complete now...
this mean scheme isnt a full-time group anymore. most of us have other affils
to go with and so we will release without any schedule, just when the time is
there or when theres a special occasion...
but theres also sad news... malice, who was mean scheme member right from
the start of her scene-activity, decided to quit scene work as all this isnt
what she really wanted. in addition to that she faced that some scene-guys
just cannot behave themselves when they face one of those rare females in the
scene and so her impression of the scene wasnt too good either...
so the poems in this pack will be the last from malice for a while...
lets hope we will be able to have her as guest writer some time in the future
whereever she goes, we wish her the best... she will be missed...
theres so much left to say, but im just not in the mood for it now, so
you gotta wait for the next release which should reach you damn soon, youll
see.... see you tomorrow on wired96 kyp, thorn and me will be available
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